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Fort Solis: How to Get Level 2 Access Card



Fort Solis: Level 2 Access Card

As players explore the Fort Solis Facility, they will see several rooms and areas that will require a certain Access Level. These Levels are from 1 – 5 and one of the early Access Cards that players can find in Fort Solis is a Level 2 Access Card which will allow players to go inside the doors that require Level 2 Access.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get a Level 2 Access Card in Fort Solis.

How to Get a Level 2 Access Card in Fort Solis

The Level 2 Access Card is located inside the locked door inside Medical Bay for which players have to first get access to Medical Bay and then open the door inside the Medical Bay. Once players have got access to Medical Bay, they need to go to Subsection B2. You can go to all of the rooms inside the Subsection to find various clues.

Go to Room No. 3 to find a Computer Terminal. Access the Computer Terminal and select the Surveillance tab to open the Medbay door. Exit the door and go back to Medbay Lounge to enter the opened door.

As you enter the surgery room, inspect the dead body. Move around the camera and interact with the body to gather clues. After inspecting the body, you will pick up the Level 2 Access Card.

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