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Fort Solis: What is the Passcode for Computer Terminal



Fort Solis: Passcode for Computer Terminal

The Fort Solis facility has gone silent and players will have to investigate the facility to find clues of the happenings inside Fort Solis. By reaching the Atrium, players will have to find a way to open the Stairwell/Elevator door to explore the lower levels of Fort Solis but to do so, players will have to first find the passcode for a Computer Terminal inside Conference Room.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what is the Passcode for Computer Terminal in Fort Solis.

What is the Passcode for Computer Terminal in Conference Room

Once players have unlocked the Conference Room, they will have to find a way to unlock the door. The Computer Terminals can be used to unlock the closed door on the level but the only Computer Terminal that is available in Conference Room is inside Room No. 2 “Mining+Site Development” and it is password protected. Players will have to enter the correct password code to access the Computer Terminal.

If players look at the wall on the left side of the Computer Terminal, they will see a Calendar marked with the “08 07” date. Enter the 0807 code into the Computer Terminal and players will have access to the Computer Terminal.

Players can access files from the Computer Terminal as well as unlock locked doors on the same level.

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