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Get the Chorizo ​​pet in Far Cry 6



Get the Chorizo ​​pet in Far Cry 6

We will tell you how to get Chorizo, the second pet available in Far Cry 6, and one of the funniest companions.

The companions are the pets that accompany Dani Rojas in Far Cry 6, and they become a very interesting aid to divert the attention of the Yaran military who stand guard at enemy posts.

The game offers 5 companions, plus a K-9000 dog that is available only in certain editions. In this Far Cry 6 guide, we are going to tell you how to unlock the friendliest of all -and the second to appear- Chorizo.

After the handsome crocodile, Chorizo ​​is the second pet we can get. It is a small Dachshund (a dachshund) that walks with the help of a wheelchair. However, we will not get it automatically.

To get Chorizo ​​in Far Cry 6, we must fulfill one of the first Yarana stories that appear in the campaign, in the Costa del Mar province. Does he appear as Who is a good boy? And it consists of getting a plate for the friendly animal.

What we must do is get crocodile meat for his favorite food. The second task is much simpler. It is called Doggy Search and consists of caressing Chorizo ​​and then following him, while he unearths the “treasures” that have been saved.

Once we have obtained all the buried objects, we will obtain an amulet and the possibility of selecting Chorizo ​​in our companion’s tab, within the menu.

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