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The easiest way to level up in Far Cry 6 and improve skills



The easiest way to level up in Far Cry 6 and improve skills

It is easy to get Dani Rojas to become a commander in Far Cry 6 if we fulfill certain tasks. Here we tell you the ones that will help you level up more easily.

As we play Far Cry 6, the level of our enemies grows, and therefore, we must improve Dani Rojas’ skills. In addition, obtaining a higher rank gives us access to new weapons and equipment in stores that are scattered throughout the country.

We can level up by completing the missions of the campaign or the secondary ones (the Yara stories), but there are also a series of objectives that grant experience and are very easy to fulfill.

The first of them is to destroy the propaganda posters of Antón Castillo and his henchmen. They give us 10 points, and we can do it by throwing grenades, dynamite or with a rocket launcher. They are located on the roadsides, at the entrances to villages and at roadblocks.

Precisely, roadblocks are another very good option . Once we have taken one, we can wait quietly with the support of the guerrillas. If we blow up the army vehicles (which get stuck in the wheel spikes) we will get 10 points for each one.

In addition, the destroyed vehicles give us scrap metal , and block the path of their comrades. We can hold out at a roadblock until it fills up with jeeps, trucks (and later tanks and helicopters, which give us 20 points).

It is the best system to level up quickly in Far Cry 6 . Finally, the missions that consist of stealing supplies shipments, which are carried out against the clock, give us up to 200 points to level up.

They are not very numerous, but fulfilling them is simple (especially if we use a helicopter) and the prize is worth it.

Keep in mind that whenever we intercept one of the radio messages, there will be a vehicle nearby (land or sea)

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