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Hi-Fi Rush: How to Call Allies



Hi-Fi Rush: How to Call Allies

Hi-Fi Rush is full of action and music beats that players will get to enjoy along with exploring different areas of Vandelay Island. As players progress through the game, they will meet other characters that will help Chai take down the Program called SPECTRA. These characters will be your allies and they can be called out during your playthrough. All of them have unique abilities which are a must for your playthrough.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to call allies in Hi-Fi Rush.

Calling Allies in Hi-Fi Rush

There are three different Allies that players will meet in the game and all of them have their unique abilities which can be used in the environment as well as during combat. The Allies in Hi-Fi Rush are the following.

  • Peppermint
  • Macaron
  • Korisca

Players will be able to call all of these allies during their gameplay but first, they will have to unlock them for which they have to progress in the main story of the game. Peppermint is the first ally that players will unlock at the end of the 1st Stage. The others will unlock in the later stages.

Now, in order to call an ally, you will have to hold the RT Button. It will call the selected Ally and it will show the aiming mechanism on your screen. Aim at something and then release the RT Button to let your ally perform the action at the aimed position.

If you have unlocked more than 1 ally then it will be a little different. First, you will have to select the ally you want to call. Because all allies are used for different purposes. If you want to break doors or push heavy rocks, you will have to call Macaron, not Peppermint. In order to do that, you will have to press the LT Button to switch between allies and then hold the RT Button to aim at something and then release the RT Button to let that ally perform the action.

All the allies can also be used during combat as well and they can assist you in damaging the enemies. In order to call them, you will have to aim at the enemy by pressing the RT Button and then release the button. It will let your ally attack the enemy on which you aimed.

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