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Hi-Fi Rush: Track 6: L.I.F.T. Me Up – Walkthrough



Hi-Fi Rush: Track 6: L.I.F.T. Me Up – Walkthrough

In the following guide, we’ll cover the sixth stage of Hi-Fi Rush in which players will have to make their way to Korisca’s Wing.

L.I.F.T. Me Up – Walkthrough

Stage 6 will start from the elevator where the fifth stage ended. You will have to go ahead and go to the right side. Follow the path and go through the door. A cutscene will start in which you will be able to take the L.I.F.T. to Korisca’s Wing. After the cutscene, you will be on the L.I.F.T. and you will get to fight the enemies. Defeat the enemies and then you will have to dodge the caution boards along the way. Move left or right to dodge the boards. They can be seen by a flash from a distance.

After dodging the boards, enemies reinforcements will come. You will have to parry the robots on the other Tram and then take down the enemies on your tram by the combos. Shielded enemies will come on board as well. Take them out by calling Peppermint during combat. After clearing out the enemies and dodging the boards, Korisca will order to put the brakes on L.I.F.T.

The brakes will have a Z-Shielding on it. You will have to call Macaron to break the Shield on them. A time limit will be initiated and you will have to break the shield before the time runs out. You will have to clear out the enemies as well while breaking the shield so, in order to do that, call Macaron and break the shield on brakes. It will stop the timer and you will be able to clear out the enemies.

After clearing out all the enemies and breaking the shields off of the brakes, a cutscene will start in which Peppermint will stop the L.I.F.T. in style and you will arrive at Wing 2. It will conclude the 6th Stage of the game and the 7th stage will continue from here.

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