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Hi-Fi Rush: How to Defeat Korisca



Hi-Fi Rush: How to Defeat Korisca

Hi-Fi Rush is full of action along with a taste of countless beats. Players will get to explore the different parts of Vandelay Island and encounter different enemies. As players progress through the main story of the game, they will get to fight the main heads of Vandelay Island as well which are the main bosses of the game. One of the bosses that players will get to fight is Zanzo who is the head of Security on Vandelay Island.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Korisca in Hi-Fi Rush.

Defeating Korisca

Korisca is the fourth main boss that players will get to face in Hi-Fi Rush. Players will fight her in the 6th stage of the game where Chai will break into her office to talk her out rather than fighting but you will end up getting fighting her. Korisca fight is different than the previous boss fights and at the start, you will get to parry and dodge her attacks.

At the start, you will get to parry attacks by pressing the parry button which is B at the perfect timing of her attacks. Before she gets to attack you, you will listen a beat to which she readies her attacks. You need to memorize that beat and press the Parry button in the same order and time to perfectly parry her attacks. After parrying her attacks three times, she will use Wind Attacks which are un-parryable.

You will have to use the dodge button which is RB to dodge the wind attack and use the parry to parry the rest of the attacks. Un-parryable attacks are shown with a wind symbol before she gets to attack you. As you deplete her HP one time, her health will regenerate and she will throw more fast-paced and longer combos at you.

Make sure to memorize all the hits of the combo and press the parry and dodge buttons accordingly. You will not get to land any combo or special attack because you want her to join your team in taking down SPECTRA.

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