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Hi-Fi Rush: How to Equip Two Special Attacks



Hi-Fi Rush: How to Equip Two Special Attacks

Hi-Fi Rush is a third-person Action-Adventure game in which players will get to explore a city filled with different types of robots. The main protagonist of the game will also get a robotic arm which will help the protagonist fight the enemy robots in the game. The main character, Chai has different types of attacks and the ones that are the most powerful are the Special Attacks. However, Chai will only be able to use 1 special attack once his Reverb Gauge is fully charged but there is a way to get two special attacks.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to equip two Special Attacks in Hi-Fi Rush.

The requirement to Equip Two Special Attacks

From the start of the game, Chai will only be able to hold 1 Special Attack in the Special Attacks Slots. It does not matter if you have bought more Special Attacks from Peppermint at the hideout, he will still only be able to use 1 Special Attack only. However, the slots can be upgraded and let Chai holds 2 Special Attacks in the Special Attacks Slots.

In order to upgrade the slots of the Special Attacks, players will have to buy an upgrade item called “Special Attack Slot Upgrade”. This upgrade item can also be bought from Peppermint under the section of Items. This Upgrade item costs 40,000 Gears which is a lot at the start of the game but players can easily get 40k – 50k in the late chapters of the game.

Equip Two Special Attacks

Once you have bought the Special Attack Slot Upgrade item, Chai’s Special Attacks slots capacity will increase to 2. Now, Chai will be able to hold 2 Special Attacks up in his sleeves. However, equipping the special Attacks method is the same as you equip a new Special Attack. You just need to select the Special Attack you want and then press the LT Button by hovering over the special attack and then it will be equipped in the slots.

Change between the Special Attacks

To switch between the special attacks during combat, you need to press the Up Button on the D-Pad. After switching up the Special Attack, press the Left and Right Sticks at the same time to do the special attack.

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