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Hi-Fi Rush: Track 5: Breakin’ Out Walkthrough



Hi-Fi Rush: Track 5: Breakin' Out Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering the fifth stage of the Hi-Fi Rush in which Chai gets to escape from Korisca.

Track 5 – Walkthrough

After starting the fifth stage, you will get to see the cutscene in which 808 will bring back their weapon of Chai to him in the prison cell. After the cutscene, you will be out of the cell. Go to the left side and there will be a door on your right. Go through the door and jump on the moving platforms to go ahead. Go through the doors and you will get to parry the attacks of a drone. Go ahead and go to the right side to reach the Security area.

You will get to solve the Security Problem which will take you to Korisca’s Wing. You need to access the Nodes in the area to complete the problem. Go ahead on the bridge and access the elevator on the right side which will take you down. Go through the area and you will get to fight the enemies. After clearing out the regular enemies, a new Samurai Robot named “WA-ES-2” will encounter you. It will dodge and block your attacks so first you will have to break its gauge by parrying its attacks. After parrying the attacks, you will be able to land your combos and call Peppermint at the same time.

After defeating the Samurai Robot, jump on the platform to the other side and you will see the false nodes. These are the balls that are transmitting data. The ones that are out of sync are Red and you will have to fix them by calling Peppermint and shooting at them when they open up. Fix the nodes and move up and you will get to the last node. Hit the red switch on the side of the node and press the buttons showing on the screen to fix the first Node.

Now, go ahead to the door and you will have to parry two drones’ attacks and you will get back to the main area. Now, there will be two more nodes that you need to fix and you will get to decide which one you want to fix first. We decided on the one on the right side. Press the button to fix the bridge and then go ahead. Break the door by calling Macaron. Press the switch to activate the ramp and then go up the ramp. Jump on the Platforms to reach the higher ground. You will get to fight the enemies and one of them will have a Z-Shielding. Call Macaron to take him out first and then take out the rest of the enemies.

After defeating the enemies, press the switch and go ahead to reach the Rhythm Jumping. Complete the jumping sequence to go further up and then go ahead to fight more enemies. Defeat the enemies and then call Macaron to break the locked door. You will see the Node Balls in the room and you need to call Peppermint to fix the nodes by shooting at them. One of the node balls will be on the floor. You will have to call Macaron to punch it and place it back. After that, go up using the Magnetic Grab and push the button and press the buttons on the screen to fix the second Node.

Now, go ahead on the path where the blue light is going and you will reach the main area again. Now, go to the last node area and fight the enemies. Go ahead on the path and use the Magnetic Grab to go up. Go ahead and call Peppermint to break the blue barrier. Go inside and fix the last node balls by calling Peppermint and shooting the node balls and switches to make the path to the last node. Press the switch and press the buttons on the screen to fix the third and last node. Now, go back down by following the path and you will get to fight the enemies. After that, go down the elevator to reach the main area. Now, the lift in the middle will be operative so hit the switch and press the buttons on the screen to use the elevator.

As you are going down from the Elevator, enemies will drop on the elevator. You will get to fight different types of enemies. Defeat all the enemies and the fifth stage will be concluded.

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