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Hi-Fi Rush: Track 4: Less Budget, More Problems



Hi-Fi Rush: Track 4: Less Budget, More Problems

Track 3 ended with a Chai getting punched by a robot with Z-Shielding. Stage 4 continues from the same place and the person that Chai saw is Macaron who will be the second ally that Chai will be able to call during the combat.

In this guide, we’ll cover the fourth stage of the Hi-Fi Rush.

Track – Walkthrough

Go through the cutscene of the meeting with Macaron and then start the next stage. Go through the path and you will come up a closed door with Z-Shielding. You need to call Macaron but you will have to change the character by pressing the LT Button and then pressing the RT Button to call him and he will break the door for you. Go ahead on the path and use Rhythm Jumping to go up. Go ahead and call Macaron again to break the door. You will reach the Lava area again and now, use Peppermint to shoot the Blue Switch. Go ahead and change the character again to Macaron so, he can push the rock back into the lava.

Go ahead and go up the ramp. Press the button to activate the zipline then use the Magnetic Grab to use the zipline. You will reach the AI Area once again where you encounter the robot with Z-Shielding. Go through the door to fight the robot again but this time, you will have to call Macaron to break the Shield off of the Robot. You will have to call Macaron two times to break the Shield and then take the robot out with your combos.

Go ahead on the path and you will reach the AI LAB. Go up the stairs to go into the AI ROOM. You will get to see the Lens that will create a room and add enemies to it. You will get to defeat different kinds of enemies. After defeating the enemies, you need to attack the lens by pressing the buttons on the screen. Once the lens is down, go ahead on the lava area and follow the path. As you are going ahead on the path, you will see Zanzo’s Budget on top of your screen. You need to decrease the budget of Zanzo to defeat him.

Follow the path and you will reach another locked door. Call Macaron to break the door and you will enter another AI ROOM. You will be put against the robots again. Defeat the enemies and attack the lens to deplete Zanzo’s Budget. You will go through different rounds of this so, you will have to keep repeating the same things in each round. Once you have defunded Zanzo, Chai will defeat Zanzo in a cutscene and get the USB from him.

A cutscene will start in which all the remaining bosses will show up. You will run from the facility and you will have to use the Magnetic Grab to use the zipline to escape. Press the buttons on the screen to successfully go through the zipline. After that, you will get face some enemies and then you will have to go along the path and lasers will follow you. You have to call Macaron to push the rock into the lava and then call Peppermint to shoot at the Blue Switch. Use the Magnetic Grab and then you will have to fight the enemies again but the lasers will also follow you.

You don’t have to kill all the enemies. You just have to wait for a moment until Peppermint hacks open the tunnel door. Use the Magnetic Grab to use the Zipline again and press the buttons on the screen. After escaping, you will get caught by Korisca and the stage will end.

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