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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Increase the Slots of Gear Items



Gear Slots

Gear Items are the most important items in the game that players will get. The Gear Items are mainly used to add stats bonus to the actual stats of your character and change the appearance of your character. However, the number of Gear Items that your character can hold is limited and this limit can be filled very easily. You will always have to make space to add other gear items with higher stats bonuses.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to increase the slots of Gear Items in Hogwarts Legacy.

Increasing the Slots of Gear Items

All the players will start from 20 slots for Gear Items and at the beginning, it will feel like it is enough but as you progress a bit ahead in the game, you will run out of space for newer Gear Items. So, you will have to either destroy the Gear Items or sell them to make room for newer Gear Items. However, players will have to play the game with 20 slots for a few hours and after they have completed the main quest named “Trial of Merlin, they will unlock a new challenge.

The challenge name is Merlin’s Trials and it can be found under the category of “Exploration”. There are 5 challenges for Merlin Trials and with each challenge you complete, your storage will be increased for Gear Items. There is a total of 88 Merlin Trials around the world map and they are all denoted by an icon of “Leaf”. You can complete them while exploring or in your free time.

Complete Merlin Trial Challenges

By completing the first challenge, your storage will be increased to 24 and you will be able to hold more Gear Items. By completing all of the challenges, your gear storage will increase to 40. So, if you are getting annoyed by the message of a full inventory of Gear Items then complete the Challenge of Merlin Trail to increase the storage for Gear Items.

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