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How to complete Crocodile Tears in Far Cry 6?



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Crocodile Tears is one of the treasure hunt missions available in Far Cry 6. Next in this post, we are going to teach you step by step in detail how to complete this search 100% to find your final reward treasure.

How to start Crocodile Tears?

  • Region: Early morning.
  • Location: west of the Aguas Lindas area, near Costas Cobre, you will find a park with the Ortega Crocodile Farm. At the entrance of the same, at the counter of the stall with crocodile statues and crocodile masks you can read the note that starts the search.

How to complete 100% Crocodile Tears?

After reading the note, and killing the soldiers in the area (if there are any), go up the stairs next to the post where the mission starts and you will see from the railing a lower area with a few starving crocodiles giving turns.

On the other side of the railing, if you use the hook in the area, you will come to a kind of hut with a locked door. At the moment we cannot open it. So you will have to jump to the lower area, but first, you can eliminate the crocodiles from above so they do not hurt you.

What you must do to find the key is to enter the shed next to the corpse of a man, in the lower area of ​​the crocodiles. Be careful because a crocodile bigger and stronger than the rest awaits you inside here, although it is not a big problem to kill it. When you do, you will receive the “Key to Luis’s room”.

With the key in your possession, now you just have to use the hook on the upper railing from before to get to Luis’s room and inside it, you will find the treasure chest of this mission.

Treasure reward

  • 150 XP
  • Sand and Surf Rifle (Unique Weapon)

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