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Far Cry 6: The Last One Goes – Treasure Hunt Solution (Unlock Desert Eagle)



Far Cry 6: The Last One Goes - Treasure Hunt Solution (Unlock Desert Eagle)

In the treasure hunt “The Last Going” by Far Cry 6, you have to turn the power back on to unlock a pumping station. To do this, you have to find three switches for the traffic lights.

Solution for “The last one leaves”

You can start the treasure hunt “The Last One” in the Casas Del Lodo residential area west of the town of Esperanza. Read the note next to the locked door at the pumping station to start the treasure hunt.

Find 3 switches for the traffic lights and unlock the pumping station

After reading the note, your task is to open the locked door of the pumping station by activating the three switches in the houses to which the power lines above the pumping station lead.

First follow the middle power line to the house. Here red poison gas rises from the generator in front of the house. Put it down by turning the crank at the yellow container to the right of it. Then you can safely enter the house and make your way to the first switch next to the lattice window.

Next, follow the power cord that leads to the raised metal platform. You can see the switch on it from afar. Climb and jump over the roofs of the surrounding huts to reach this switch relatively easily.

The biggest head nut is the last switch in the house to the south. By the way, in the entrance area, you will find one of the cocks for the cockfighting arena. First, turn on the radio and television in the living room and then interact with the picture frame to the left of the bookshelf. This will give you access to the secret room with the last switch.

Now you can open the door of the pumping station and open the treasure chest in it to complete the treasure hunt. Incidentally, you will find the Desert Eagle there, which has enormous mod potential and can be upgraded in a variety of ways.

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