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Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Hire Pierre



Jagged alliance 3 - Hire Pierre

Pierre is one of the free Mercs in Jagged Alliance 3 that players can choose to hire if they make all the correct decisions. Pierre is an average Merc with the role of Leader. Hiring Pierre is best for training Militia as there is nothing else that he can do due to average stat points but it would be a good addition to the team early in the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to hire Pierre in Jagged Alliance 3.

How to Hire Pierre in Jagged Alliance 3

Players will get to meet Pierre on the starting island of the game and he will be a leader of the Fort that players have to liberate. In the start, he will be an enemy but it is up to players how they treat him and what fate they decide for him. However, to recruit Pierre into the Squad, it is important for Pierre to live. So, while encountering Pierre at the Fort, players will have to spare Pierre. Another thing that players need to consider is completing the quest line of Ernie Village on the starting island. Pierre’s father, Luc lives in that village and players will have to save him from getting hanged for the murder that he did not commit.

You can read our complete guide on Pierre’s All Choices to see what is best to choose for Pierre to live and meet again in the game.

Once players have made it to Grand Chien, they need to go to the Red Diamond Mine in Sector A2 and kill Graaf the Slave Master. He is one of the bosses in the game and after killing him, players need to make their way to the other side of the map in Sector F19. It is an outpost well-guarded with Legion enemies and players must have decent gear before they pick up the fight against the enemies in the outpost.

After clearing the Legion enemies from the outpost, talk to Pierre and select the following dialogues to hire him.

  • They just used you
  • What happened to you?
  • We killed Graaf
  • You can help us make things right
  • Join us

Selecting the dialogues will pass influence check on Pierre and with Graaf gone and his dad safe, Pierre will happily join the squad for free.

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