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Like A Dragon Gaiden: How to Perform Heat Actions & Enter Extreme Heat Mode



Like A Dragon Gaiden - Heat Actions

Unleashing the full potential of Kazuma Kiryu in Like A Dragon Gaiden will require players to perform Heat Actions and enter Extreme Heat Mode during combat to become unstoppable against enemies. Not only does it make Kiryu unstoppable but increases the potential of gadgets at disposal to the max. However, both of these special actions can be performed at a certain time that players know of especially, in difficult fights.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to perform Heat Actions and enter into Extreme Heat Mode.

How to Perform Heat Actions in Like A Dragon Gaiden

Heat Actions can be performed only in certain situations, like going near a downed enemy to get the Heat Action prompt (Y/Triangle button). Pressing the respective button will allow Kazuma Kiryu to perform a Heat Action instantly eliminating the enemy. However, Heat Action cannot be performed without the charged Heat Gauge.

The Heat Gauge is located on top of the screen, under the health bar and it increases as you land successful attacks on the enemies. When the Heat Guage has filled up, you will get to see the Heat Action prompt on several occasions throughout the fight, and if you want to eliminate enemies instantly, don’t hesitate to perform Heat Actions.

How to Enter Extreme Heat in Like A Dragon Gaiden

Extreme Heat Mode unleashes the true potential of Kazuma Kiryu in both of the fighting stances. To enter the Extreme Heat Mode, players need to press the RT/R2 button when the Heat Gauge has been charged. Once activated, the heat gauge will consume gradually as you take down enemies and once you have defeated the enemies, you can press the respected button again to exit from the Extreme Heat Mode, allowing you to save the rest of the Heat Gauge.  

Both fighting stances have their own Extreme Heat Mode that boosts the attacks and gadgets of Kiryu depending upon the selected stance. The Agent Stance increases the potential of the gadgets at your disposal whereas the Yakuza Stance increases the potential of overall attacks and allows you to use Heat Actions continuously. 

You can also upgrade your Heat Actions once you have unlocked the Akame Network. Invest in the network and complete the requests for her to get upgrades for your Heat Actions which will make them a more viable option later in the game.

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