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Lost Ark: Abyssal Dungeon-Demon Beast Canyon



Lost Ark: Abyssal Dungeon-Demon Beast Canyon

This is the guide for the very fast Abyssal Dungeon that is Demon Beast Canyon. As this is the first Abyssal Dungeon you should know that Abyssal Dungeon as they reward you with great gold bonuses. They also reward you with unique sets of gear that have set bonuses and also drop potent jewelry pieces.

Unlocking the Abyssal Dungeons

When you hit item level 302, you have to do certain activities, quest, kill enemies in-game to upgrade your gear to item level 340.

This will unlock the very first set of Abyssal Dungeons. The first of Abyssal Dungeon is the Demon Beast Canyon. When you complete the Demon Beast Canyon you will unlock the next Abyssal Dungeon in tier 1.

Unlocking the Abyssal Dungeons

You will encounter Two main bosses in Demon Beast Canyon. You have to defeat them in order to complete the Demon Beast Canyon.

Corrupted Vazuela

The very first boss fight is the boss called Corrupted Vazuela. A red big Blood throwing Monster, the boss itself is not that hard to fight. You have to learn his attack combos then defend yourself and counter-attack him.

When he’s about to do his bigger combos, there will appear a blue icon on your play which means that you have to go to a side of the map away from other players. There is also a red circle area highlighted on the ground that means this is the area of the Boss’s attack. So, you get away from the red circle fast.

Using these tactics you can easily defeat the boss.

Vile Scarkrill

The next boss in the Abyssal Dungeon is the Vile Scarkrill. This boss does teleport. So, you have to watch out for his teleportation from one place to another. He has also more Attack Combos than the previous boss.

He has 6 major attack combos and you have to do the same thing and dodge the red highlighted circle and counter-attack him afterward. But watch out for his grenade combo as he uses a grenade combo where there will be several red spots on the ground and they will blast like a grenade. You have to stay away from these red spots and attack ScarKrill. These are the major tactics you have to use and attach him and you’ll easily win the fight. For his last attack, he throws 6 fireballs from the front side. So, you have to get to the back of Scarkrill for dodging this attack and when he fires the balls you have to attack him from behind and he’ll take a lot of damage and you’re good to go.

After defeating both bosses you will unlock the next set of Abyssal Dungeon. You will get dungeon gear items from defeating the Scarkrill and the remaining dungeon gear set items can be purchased by going to the crafting NPC Karleesa.

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