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Lost Ark: can the gender of the character be changed?



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Lost Ark allows you to play with a total of 7 different classes. Each of them has preset sex for our character, but you may be interested in knowing how to change the sex of the character if this is possible.

Can the sex of the characters be changed?

The short answer is No. Each class has a preset gender and cannot be changed. That is, you cannot play with a Warrior of the female gender, nor a Wizard of the male gender. The exceptions are Martial Artists and Gunners, who have a male and female variant. However, it must be borne in mind that in the case of the Martial Artist, they are basically different classes, while in the Gunner, it has different advanced classes from the female version.

It is possible that this function will be added later, even if it is via a premium, but we would not have it.

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