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Lost Ark: Change Appearance



Lost Ark: Here's How to create and leave a guild

Before you can embark on the adventure of Lost Ark, you first have to create a character. In addition to name and gender, you also have to enter the class and you can also change your appearance if you wish. As is always the case in games with character creation and extensive customization options, sooner or later you want to change the look. The question arises, how can you change the appearance in Lost Ark afterwards?

Change appearance afterward

Yes, you can change the appearance in Lost Ark afterwards. But there is a catch because unlike what some players may know from other online games, the customization of the appearance is not entirely free. In Lost Ark, you need a so-called character customization ticket so that you can change the appearance afterwards. The Character Customization Ticket can then be purchased from the in-game store for 800 crystals.

Once you’ve purchased the Character Customization Ticket, you’ll need to go back to Character Select and click on “Appearance Change” in the bottom right. Then you select the character and can then adjust the appearance as you wish. By the way, other appearance changes are possible afterwards, provided you have a ticket for them.

  • Open the in-game store and purchase the Character Customization Ticket for 800 Crystals.
  • Go to the character selection menu and click on the “Appearance Change” change in the bottom right.
  • Redeem the ticket, change the appearance as desired and confirm.

Change gender afterward

Even if you can change your appearance with the ticket, you cannot freely choose your gender. In Lost Ark, there is at least currently still a “gender lock”, which so far cannot be circumvented or lifted. The gender is automatically selected when selecting the class and cannot be changed afterwards.

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