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Lost Ark: Everything you need to know about Ships & Sailing



Lost Ark: Blooming Mokokos Event

In Lost Ark, you need to do sailing to progress further into the game. The sailing feature of this game also contains some content as well. This guide will tell you about how you unlock sailing and everything important you need to know about it.

How to Unlock Sailing & What is Sailing

As you progress through the game from the Artemis to the East luterra, you get access to sailing. The main storyline itself will give you a quest about it in which you have to do sailing so you don’t have to worry about unlocking it the other way.

You’ll get this quest when you’ll reach level 35/36 at the Wavestrand Port in East Luterra. After this quest, you’ll be able to sail into the newer continents as you level up. Sailing is a requirement for sailing because you cannot fast travel through different continents, you can only fast travel in this game within the same continent. So, you have to do sailing in order to get to other continents.


Sailing in this game is not simple as it looks, the devs have created this system a bit more interesting so you could actually spend some time into it. The first thing when you access your harbor, you’ll see Manage Sailor. Over the course of the game, you can unlock different sailors that have different abilities. You can see your sailor stats if you hover your pointer onto it.


All of the stats of your sailors pertain to your ability to navigate certain types of waters within the ocean.


There are 8 types of classes of ships with different base stats and resistances. The name of the classes is the following.

  • Brahms
  • Tragon
  • Astray
  • Eibern’s Wound
  • Estoque
  • White Wind
  • Sturmbrecher
  • Eurus

Ship’s Customization & Upgrade

You can customize your ship in the way you like, you can change the colors of the ship, and personalize things. You can also upgrade your ship as well for the sailing. You need different materials to upgrade different aspects of your ship.

Ship’s Customization & Upgrade

The exploration of the ocean will become easier to navigate due to these upgrades. Your ship will take less damage, you’ll move quicker, etc.


The currency for the sailing is the Pirate Coins. The different quests in the ocean and tasks will reward you with Pirate Coins. These Pirate Coins can be used to upgrade the different aspects of your ship. You can visit shopkeepers as well on the Harbor and access their shops to see what they have to offer, you can trade different materials as well to Pirate Coins from them.

If you want to automatically travel to an area just ALT + CLICK on that particular area and your ship will sail automatically to the destination.

These were all the basics and important features of the Sailing system you should know about to sail in Lost Ark.

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