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Lost Ark: How to Cross the Wall of Procyon



Lost Ark: How to Cross the Wall of Procyon

In Lost Ark, there are many items, weapons, and different areas but to achieve them you need to complete certain quests throughout the game. You cannot progress further in the game without doing the quests and sometimes for the main quest you have to do a little side quest that is important as well in order to complete the main quest.

In this guide, we tell you how to pass the wall of Procyon in order to get to Rohendel.

What is the Wall of Procyon?

So, the Wall of Procyon is actually an invisible wall that won’t let you sail to the Rohendel. You’ll experience the wall when you are traveling in your ship towards the Rohendel. So, how do you get to Rohendel as there is no other way to get to except cross this wall. In order to remove this invisible wall, you actually have to complete an important quest A New Voyage.

Now before you go to this quest, you need to meet the requirements of the quest which would be your item level stats and your ship level. To start this quest, your ship level must be 2 and your character item level must be higher than 460. Without these stats, you won’t be able to start the quest and you also can’t pass the wall of Procyon.

A New Voyage Quest.

This quest will be given to you by Ealyn who is in Castle Vern. Go towards the back of the castle and you will find her, talk to her and she’ll give you a quest. After talking to her you need to talk to an Experienced Old Captain at Port Krona. Go there or you can just teleport to the port, he’ll be right next to the port manager. Go and talk to him and he’ll tell you a new location to visit which will be Wisdom Isle.

Board your ship and go to the Wisdom Isle after reaching there, you need to talk to Minerva. She’ll be easy to locate as she is sitting right in front when you enter the building. Talk to her and she’ll tell you to gather information about the wall of Procyon.

Lost Ark: How to Cross the Wall of Procyon

After talking to her, go to the left side all the way back and you’ll need to read a book in order to get the information. The location of the book will also be highlighted on the map as well, you can track it from there as well. Go to the location and examine the place, your character will read a book.

After finding the information, go back to Minerva and talk to her, she will tell you to go back to the Ealyn. Go back to where you started the quest and talk to Ealyn, she will give you rewards and your quest will be completed. After this, you can pass the Wall of Procyon.

Hope this guide had helped you with what you were searching for.

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