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Lost Ark: How to restore spent work energy or life energy



Lost Ark: How to restore spent work energy or life energy

Like every Role-Play Game Lost Ark also has spent work energy or life energy. Lost Ark’s energy cap is 10,000 and only restores like 30 every 10 minutes. Every time you do a task that includes logging, mining, and fishing it consumes a little of your energy. If your Energy becomes low you can’t do a task further. You have to fill the energy first. Because every 10 minutes 30 work energy restore you have to wait like two days for the energy bar to fill. You can fill your energy even if you are not playing the game.

Lost Ark spent energy

Item Restore/Consume Your Energy

Certain items refill your energy but you have to remember to use it can save the need for that but sometimes it is difficult to use because it mobs around and create a distraction. So just go Fishing and mining until your bar turns half and come the next day so it can be regenerated and there is no cap.

Earlier levels are difficult because all you are doing is clicking nodes once you get further on it is easy to burn through your energy while fishing there are skills you can use alongside that use energy. When you are logging you can use [Tree Kick]. Example 180 Tree Kicks use 180 energy and items fall out of the tree. Little things like that burn down your energy faster especially multiple different gathers at the same time and you will easily burn your 10,000. But at the start, you have to wait because you don’t have many tasks. Work Energy consumption depends on your gathering and location e.g. Islands and Platinum Fields etc.

Monthly Subscription

Crystalline Aura is a monthly subscription the monthly optional subscription it’s going to increase 10 to 30 percent.

Monthly Subscription

Life Potions

Life potions are something that gives you a boost in your work energy if you can’t wait to refill. Simply use a life potion or work potion it will increase your energy by 5000 instead of life points. You can get these potions in-store and rarely in a side quest. Potions also have a cool-down period of 10 sec. One of these potions is Leap’s Essence which grants 3000 energy.

Life Potions


Herbalism is long-term and consistent in money. But require a high time investment. You can get Flower and Mushrooms. Flowers are not worth much but mushrooms can be used in recovery potions. Life materials are different gathered from the Estate than those in Over-World.

Leveling Up your Character

If you want to heal faster or life energy you need to level up your character. The Higher your character the higher the need of your character. To level up your character you need to do side quests and main quests and all the other stuff.

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