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Lost Ark: How to show Ping/Network latency



Lost Ark: How to show Ping/Network latency

In this guide you’ll learn how to display your in-game latency in Lost Ark. Network latency will let you know about your connection strength between your game and the Lost Ark’s server that your game is currently connected with, it is shown in ms. That time in ms is your server status

Lost Ark UI Settings

Navigate to your in-game settings. You have to go to the Gameplay tab, under Controls and Display, you have to scroll down to UI settings. There is the setting for Show Network Latency, You have to set it to Always Show.

Lost Ark UI Settings

After this setting has been applied, you can check your ping in the bottom left of your screen. It is displayed in ms. It will show you the strength of your connection with Lost Ark Servers.

If you’re having any issue connecting to the game or having ping issues. You can go to Lost go to their support page and check the games server status there

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