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Lost Ark – Mining Guide



Lost Ark - Mining Guide

Mining is one of several crafting professions in Lost Ark . With this profession we mine ore, which we need to upgrade our fortress and to produce high-quality tools. The ore sells well initially but loses value once most players have upgraded their stronghold.


Mining is the skill that uses labor energy most efficiently. The two skills “Moonlight Mining” and “Mining Bomb” consume more labor energy, but also bring much better rewards.


  • Stronghold Research Material
  • Shipbuilding Material

Account Bound Progress

Professions are linked to the account. All progress, such as leveling up, is therefore automatically transferred to all characters on the account. This also applies to the consumption and generation of work energy.


After collecting enough raw materials, each profession allows us to craft different items. We do this in our fortress, which we get to with the Song of Home and Hearth. After we have arrived on the island we go to the workshop via the menu item “Administration”. We unlock more recipes by upgrading the workshop.

Mining tools

We need the right tools to practice our professions. These are available in different quality levels. The better the quality level, the better the bonuses. However, they are granted randomly, so we cannot give any details.

  • Novice’s mining tool
  • Apprentice dismantling tool
  • Adept’s mining tool
  • Expert’s mining tool
  • Master’s mining tool

Our first mining tool is available for purchase from vendors marked with a pickaxe. The first craft trader is in Lake bar in the West Luterra area. However, tools have different quality levels, and the higher quality the required raw materials are, the better tools are required. We can craft tools with higher quality levels ourselves in our stronghold. For this, we need the following raw materials.

  • Crafting Recipes : Jennifer in our Stronghold sells us the necessary recipes.
  • Kits : We get the kits from excavations.
  • Crafting Material : We collect raw materials ourselves through the professions.

Repair tools

Using the tools will lose their durability. However, we can repair them again. Some dealers offer this service for gold. However, it is cheaper if we repair them ourselves in our fortress. We get the corresponding recipe from Jennifer in our fortress.

Working Energy & Platinum Fields

All professions in Lost Ark have common working energy with a limit of 10,000. At an account level of 70, we get an additional 500 work energy. As soon as we mine, collect or fish something, our work energy decreases. If it is completely used up, we can no longer practice any professions. How much work energy we need depends on the individual professional skills. As a rule, skills with which we get more raw materials also require more work energy. This information is included with all skills. Every day we automatically regenerate about 4,000 working energy. We don’t have to be online for this. The energy bar is therefore full again after a maximum of 3 days.

As already mentioned in this guide, work energy is tied to the account and is therefore identical for all characters.

Platinum Fields in Lost Ark

However, it is possible to carry out jobs without losing energy. We do this on so-called platinum fields in the capital cities. However, we can only enter Platinfeld with an access ticket: Plainfield. We receive access tickets as random loot when performing the crafting professions. Platinum fields are time-limited to 15 minutes. So if you step into a platinum field, you should hurry there too.

Mining skills and levels

As we carry out our professions, we collect experience points and raise a level with the corresponding number of XP points. As with our character, we unlock new skills. With these skills, we increase bonuses such as a higher chance of success, the chance of rare materials, and increased gathering speed.

  • Mining Level 1: Pickaxe
    • passive
    • You can mine ores.
    • Consumes 30 labor energy
  • Level 10 Mining: Perfect timing
    • passive
    • Perfect timing is possible when dismantling. If you press the appropriate button (G) at the perfect time, you can get rare materials.
  • Mining Level 20: Moonlight Miner
    • Cooldown 1 second (switch)
    • Press skill button to activate/deactivate. While activated, Moonlight Mining increases special loot chance. However, this is at the expense of energy and durability.
    • Mining consumes +30 work energy
  • Mining Level 30: Mining Bomb
    • Cooldown 2 minutes
    • Installs a mining bomb and blows up surrounding minerals. Ore can be found in the destroyed minerals.


In Lost Ark, there are different ores with different mining levels as a requirement.

  • scrap iron pile
  • Atlith
  • Mining Obstacle
  • iron ore
  • rock
  • Mysterious Ore
  • gold ore
  • garnet
  • garnet stock
  • Hard Gold Ore
  • Hard olivine
  • Unstable memory fragment
  • Coral Stone Storage
  • copper ore
  • Linevite
  • Mysterious camp
  • obsidian
  • Obsidian Storage
  • olivine ore
  • giant egg
  • silver ore
  • topaz
  • Topaz Stock
  • Tough coral stone

Where to mine ores in Lost Ark? Which collecting professions you can perform in each area and which items and raw materials you can get there is shown as an icon on each area map.

World tree leaves

After the introductory questline for World Tree Leaves, we get these collectibles randomly when gathering resources or practicing the crafting professions. Where we can get this advisor quest and what rewards there are for turning it in is revealed in our guide to the world tree leaves.

In the mining profession, we get the following world tree leaves.

  • world tree leaf 4
  • world tree leaf 10
  • World Tree Leaf 16
  • World tree leaf 22
  • World Tree Leaf 28
  • World Tree Leaf 43

Faded arch talisman

As a reward for turning in 12 World Tree Leaves, we will receive the Pale Arch Talisman item. This increases all our professions by one level. The talisman also gives us more raw materials. For 36 World Tree Leaves, we get Sallow Citrine and for 48 World Tree Leaves, we get Silent Citrine. These are upgrades for the talisman, which increases all bonuses.

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