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The most important missions in Una’s tasks



Lost Ark: Tier 1 Island Route

Among the first content, we unlock at level 50 are Una’s Quests. At first glance, it looks like you don’t have to pay much attention. We can do three daily quests every day and three weekly quests every week. There are different rewards and each player decides for himself which reward is best for him.

Upgrade materials as a reward

Most players want to improve their character as quickly as possible. We do this in Lost Ark by first farming equipment and then increasing the item level through upgrades. For this, we need upgrade materials, which we receive as a reward for Una’s tasks, among other things. If this is your goal as well, then complete quests that will reward you with Harmony Jumpstones and Harmony Fragments.

Some good rewards from Una’s quests are not immediately apparent to beginners as they are a bit hidden. These are rewards that we only get at higher reputation levels. You can see them if you click on reputation info under reputation status and click there up to level 3. So that you don’t have to take a close look at all 50 factions, we have selected important reputation farming quests for you.

Here are some important missions as an example:

  • When attacking the Tooki , we get the item Seventh Heart of a Giant as a reward at the third reputation level . Almost all Giant Heart rewards are very valuable. Among other things, we receive several skill point potions.
  • Through the two tasks Rebuilding Xeneela and Repairing the Seal Site, we receive the Mana Imbued Soup at the third reputation level , which we need for the Tooki-Tooki Soup recipe at the end of the adventure tome in Rohendel.
  • At the second reputation level of Mischievous Fairy , we get the Magic Fermentation Accelerator item . We need this item to craft the Essence of Aether . We also need this item to complete the adventure tome in Rohendel.
  • In the quest Desolate Nightmist we get the item Ghost Ship: Eibern’s Wound at the third reputation level . This starts a quest that gives us the Ghost Ship Eibern’s Wound . It is one of the most popular ships in Lost Ark .
  • Several daily quests give us masterpieces as a reward. However, these are already listed in our guide to the masterpieces . The rewards for masterpieces are also listed there, which are not quite as important.

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