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How to increase AFK time on Lost Ark



How to increase AFK time on Lost Ark

The success around Lost Ark is such that the waiting time to connect can take several hours, so we explain how to increase the AFK time on the game. The free-to-play MMORPG in an isometric view from Amazon Games Studio is already available in early access via Founder’s Packs and it seems that many players have taken one. Therefore, given the success of the game, the queues are getting longer on the big servers. With this guide, you should be able to avoid being disconnected after just 15 minutes, saving you from waiting several hours to play Lost Ark again.

Limited AFK duration in Lost Ark

With the release of Lost Ark in Europe and the United States, Amazon Games Studio has implemented an anti-AFK system to prevent players from staying connected for several days in a row, clogging up the game servers, making it impossible for new players to enter.

Unfortunately, during rushed access on some servers, you may wait long hours before being able to connect. And once in-game, if you have the misfortune of AFK 15 minutes (the default waiting time) you will be disconnected from the game and you will have to wait several hours again to re-enter your server.

But fortunately, it is possible to increase the duration of AFK to one hour.

Increase AFK duration in Lost Ark

Amazon Games Studio has set the AFK timer to 15 minutes by default.
In the game options, you can increase this time from 15 minutes to one hour!

– Open your menu
– Go to the options
– Scroll down to the “Game” tab
– Click on “Control and display”
– Find the option “AFK settings”
– Apply the desired time

You now know how to multiply by 4 the possible AFK time. It’s not much, but it’s more permissive than the game’s default option.

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