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Use Lost Ark Powerpass correctly



Use Lost Ark Powerpass correctly

In Lost Ark, you get 2 power passes that take a new character straight to level 50 and equip them with item-level 302 gear. In this article, we look at all the details about it.

Get power pass in Lost Ark

In total, you get 2 Powerpass in Lost Ark.

  1. The first is obtained when your first character completes the quest in North Vern. Just follow the main quest. You will then receive the power pass via in-game mail.
  2. You will receive the second power pass by post as soon as you have successfully completed the first power pass.

Take the power pass from the mail and use the item from your inventory. From now on you can redeem it.

Redeem Power Pass

Follow these steps to redeem a Power Pass:

  1. Create a character that you want to boost.
  2. Go to the character selection screen and click on “Power Pass”.
  3. Confirm the dialog.

Now you can choose how to proceed. There are 4 content sections to choose from. The individual contents are relatively short and let you experience parts of the story again in short form, for example.

You can now select individual content, do all or skip all if you are in a hurry. If you choose a single piece of content, the others are still available and you can do them (or skip) afterward.

(!) But beware, there are rewards that you can no longer get if you skip the associated content.

Extra rewards through Power Pass

You have 4 contents to choose from, which you can do optionally. You should start at least Adventurer’s Path because there are rich rewards here. Among other things:

Upon opening the chest, you can choose one of these Lost Ark companions:

  • Companion: Arong
  • Companion: Darong
  • Companion: Baring
  • Companion: Hwarong

More details will follow.

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