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Lost Ark: How to destroy the barricade in Zagoras and get 3 Mokoko Seeds



Lost Ark: How to destroy the barricade in Zagoras and get 3 Mokoko Seeds

Are you already looking for the small mokoko seeds in Lost Ark ? Many of them present you with major or minor challenges, but the 3 in the Zagoras Mountains are particularly tricky. We at Nintendosmash tell you how to get them.

Which seeds are we talking about?? The Green Mokoko Seeds are collectible items in Lost Ark. You can find a total of 1,209 of them in the world of Lost Ark. So it makes sense to take everyone you come across with you.

This sometimes turns out to be more difficult than initially assumed. Many of them are really well hidden and some of them are right in front of your face, but you still can’t get to them. The seeds at Mount Zagoras are of the second type.

3 of the valuable plants are hiding behind a barricade that just doesn’t seem to want to go. You also look in vain for a way around the barricade.

How do you get the Mokokos? Further back in the square are cannons aimed towards the barricade. However, this is a trap that you must ignore.

In fact, all you have to do is fight the barricades. Unlike most other barricades in Lost Ark, these don’t break after a few hits but take about as much as a full-blown world boss.

Stupidly, the wooden opponents don’t have a life indicator. So the only tip we can give you is: just don’t stop attacking the barricades. At some point, they give in and you get the valuable seeds.

If you are alone, it can take up to half an hour. We, therefore, recommend that you either take friends with you or ask in the general chat if anyone else could help.

With 8 people it took us about 5 minutes to destroy the barricades. All you have to do then is hurry to collect the Mokokos. The wooden enemies spawn again extremely quickly and then simply lock you up.

If this happens to you, just use the teleporter on the map before. It’s quicker than destroying the barricades again.

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