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Lost Ark Sharpshooter Leveling Guide



Lost Ark Sharpshooter Leveling Guide

The Sharpshooter is Gunner’s advanced class that, as you might guess from its name, specializes in attacking its enemies from a very long distance with its mechanical bow.

Equipment and combat attributes

  • Always equip equipment with the highest item level.
  • Prioritize the team critically and quickly.

Skill points

During the leveling, you will have to distribute the skill points between the different tripods so that your skills are more powerful.

We recommend you consult the Sharpshooter builds to know how to distribute the points optimally while leveling up and spend the extra points on the skill Blade Storm.

To know the missions you have to do, check out our leveling guide from 1 to 50.


To quickly finish off enemies during the first few levels, gather them in the same spot and use Bladestorm, anti-personnel mine, and Charged Shot.

Later, when you have been able to improve the Surge of arrows and sharpshooters, you will have to gather the enemies in a line to throw the skills at them.

You can use mobile pit and stalker to get close to enemies after dodging an attack.

Level 50 and endgame

Complete the main story all the way to Bern, and Beatrice will alert you to meet her at Trixion. When you complete her quest chain she will reward you with the skills accurate shot and messenger of Fenrir. Open the mail and consume the items to unlock them.

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