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Lost Ark | PvP: How to activate it and game modes



Lost Ark: Tier 1 Island Route

Lost Ark, like the vast majority of MMORPG games, offers us the possibility of fighting against other players, which is usually known as PvP. These kinds of duels involve very different combats than those we will have against creatures and enemies controlled by AI, so they also offer us different mechanics and rewards. This is everything you need to know about starting PvP, its modes, and its rewards.

How to PvP in Lost Ark

There are two types of PvP. On the one hand, there are duels. You can conduct one of these duels in any unsafe area by clicking on the player and choosing to challenge them to a duel. The other player must accept, of course.

Then we have the arena duels, which you can start once you’ve progressed far enough through the main story. The game itself will force you to restore the area and inform you that you can start fighting in the arena whenever you want. In this case, there are three modes of PvP combat.

PvP game modes in the arena

Lost Ark allows us to play PvP in three different confrontation modes:

3vs3 (as a team)

  • Two teams of 3 players enter the same arena.
  • The team that gets the most kills in 5 minutes wins .
  • Players respawn at a safe point.
  • If a player spends more than a minute in the safe spot, the entire team receives a debuff .

3vs3 (individual matches)

  • Two teams of 3 players face each other, but they will not all fight in the same arena.
  • Three independent 1vs1 matches are fought , the team with the most victories will win.
  • Each player, at the beginning, will have to choose the first, second or third combat, pairing them with those of the opposing team who choose the same option.
  • Each fight lasts 90 seconds. The player who eliminates the other or has more health points at the end of time wins.

6 player deathmatch

  • 6 players face each other, all against all , in the same arena.
  • The player with the most eliminations at the end of time wins. In case of a tie, the game’s AI decides.
  • Players automatically respawn after being eliminated.
  • A player will receive a frenzy buff , which transfers to whoever kills it.

Why are you interested in PvP?

As a general rule, PvP seeks not to have a great impact on games (except in specific cases) to avoid damaging the experience of players at a disadvantage. In this particular case, raising our PvP level (based on victories) allows you to buy special items in the PvP store. There are materials to improve some objects focused on PvE such as cosmetics. In some cases, the rewards may be temporary.

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