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Lost Ark: Most useful keyboard shortcuts you need to know



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We present to you what we consider to be the keyboard shortcuts that you will use the most in Lost Ark, and you should spend an afternoon learning them by heart.

Lost Ark isn’t exactly a simple game, and it’s going to require quite a few hours for the user not only to know how to function properly but also to learn all those keyboard shortcuts that the program floods you with at first and that can be complicated to learn if you are not attentive.

And the fact is that in addition to learning a multitude of combos and knowing how to function normally in games, knowing some of the best keyboard shortcuts can make this initial learning curve smoother.

So we are going to expose what we consider to be the keyboard shortcuts for Lost Ark that you should know, and that you could learn in just one afternoon if you start using them from the start.

Lost Ark: Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

These would be the key combinations that you are going to use to a greater extent, which you should learn even from the first afternoon:

These are the default keys:

  • [ T ]: Run automatically
  • [ N ]: Adventure Book
  • [ U ]: Friends List
  • [ Y ]: list of gestures
  • [ L ]: Life Skill
  • [ F2 ]: Song Book List


  • [ Ctrl + LMB (Left Mouse Button) ]: Click anywhere to ping.
  • [ Left Shift + RMB on Map (Right Mouse Button) ]: Share your map location to chat
  • [ Left Ctrl + Q/W/E/R ]: Quickly switch Hotbar keys.
  • [ Left Alt + X ]: Turn UI on/off
  • [ Middle Mouse ]: Move the map overlay
  • [ Left Ctrl + Middle Mouse Scroll ]: change cursor color

On the other hand, we clarify that the standard movement is to click to move, but in configuration, you can set auto movement and our character will follow the mouse cursor so you don’t have to click.

When it comes to managing items in your inventory, we recommend these keyboard and mouse shortcuts:

  • [ Ctrl + LMB ]: Instantly move the item to the pet inventory.
  • [ Shift + LMB ]: Split items into two stacks.
  • [ Alt + LMB ]: lock item. It will not sort automatically.
  • [ Alt + RMB ]: Place items in account storage.

Although at first, it may seem a bit stressful to have to learn all these keyboard shortcuts, the truth is that an afternoon would be more than enough.

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