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Lost Ark – Logging Guide



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Logging is one of several crafting professions in Lost Ark . With this profession we collect wood, which is required for upgrading our fortress, as well as for the production of the ship Astray and for several ship materials. Wood initially has a high value, which continues to decrease over time.

Professions are linked to the account. All progress, such as leveling up, is therefore automatically transferred to all characters on the account. This also applies to the consumption and generation of work energy.


After collecting enough raw materials, each profession allows us to craft different items. We do this in our fortress, which we get to with the Song of Home and Hearth. After we have arrived on the island we go to the workshop via the menu item “Administration”. We unlock more recipes by upgrading the workshop.

lumberjack tool

We need the right tools to practice our professions. These are available in different quality levels. The better the quality level, the better the bonuses. However, they are granted randomly, so we cannot give any details.

  • Novice’s Lumberjack’s Tool
  • Apprentice’s Lumberjack’s Tool
  • Adept’s Lumberjack’s Tool
  • Expert’s Lumberjack Tool
  • Master’s Lumberjack’s Tool

Our first lumberjack tool is available for purchase from vendors marked with a pickaxe. The first craft trader is in Lake bar in the West Luterra area. However, tools have different quality levels, and the higher quality the required raw materials are, the better tools are required. We can craft tools with higher quality levels ourselves in our stronghold. For this, we need the following raw materials.

  • Crafting Recipes: Jennifer in our Stronghold sells us the necessary recipes.
  • Kits: We get the kits from excavations.
  • Crafting Material: We collect raw materials ourselves through the professions.

Repair tools

Using the tools will lose their durability. However, we can repair them again. Some dealers offer this service for gold. However, it is cheaper if we repair them ourselves in our fortress. We get the corresponding recipe from Jennifer in our fortress.

Working Energy & Platinum Fields

All professions in Lost Ark have a common working energy with a limit of 10,000. At an account level of 70, we get an additional 500 work energy. As soon as we mine, collect or fish something, our work energy decreases. If it is completely used up, we can no longer practice any professions. How much work energy we need depends on the individual professional skills. As a rule, skills with which we get more raw materials also require more work energy. This information is included with all skills. Every day we automatically regenerate about 4,000 working energy. We don’t have to be online for this. The energy bar is therefore full again after a maximum of 3 days.

As already mentioned in this guide, work energy is tied to the account and is therefore identical for all characters.

Platinum Fields in Lost Ark

However, it is possible to carry out jobs without losing energy. We do this on so-called platinum fields in the capital cities. However, we can only enter Platinfeld with an access ticket: Plainfield. We receive access tickets as random loot when performing the crafting professions. Platinum fields are time-limited to 15 minutes. So if you step into a platinum field, you should hurry there too.

Lumberjack skills and levels

As we carry out our professions, we collect experience points and rise to a level with the corresponding number of XP points. As with our character, we unlock new skills. With these skills, we increase bonuses such as a higher chance of success, the chance of rare materials, and increased gathering speed.

  • Lumberjack Level 1: Pruning
    • passive
    • Chop down trees to get various materials.
    • Consumes 60 labor energy
  • Lumberjack Level 10: Lumberjack
    • passive
    • You are skilled enough as a lumberjack to cut down lush trees.
  • Lumberjack Level 20: Wild Growth
    • Cooldown: 5 minutes
    • Grows saplings into trees that you can chop down.
  • Lumberjack Level 30: Tree Kick
    • Cooldown: 5 minutes
    • Kick a tree to make various things fall down. Increases the chance of getting special rewards by 100% when you kick a tree.
    • Consumes 180 labor energy


In Lost Ark, there are different trees with different levels of logging as a requirement.

  • maple
  • acacia
  • arbor tree
  • tree
  • Yellow Flower Tree
  • Mysterious Birch
  • Mysterious poplar
  • Mysterious lush birch
  • Mysterious lush poplar
  • Mysterious blue floral tree
  • Mysterious Velkolist tree
  • Mysterious Lush Velkolist Tree
  • Pink flower tree
  • giant mushroom
  • Red Flower Tree
  • sapling
  • transcendental fungus
  • cypress
  • Lush acacia
  • Lush maple
  • Lush arbor tree
  • Tall Arvo tree
  • Lumberjack Obstacle
  • Tiny Cypress
  • Magnificent pine
  • Magnificent Joshua tree

Where to cut down trees in Lost Ark? Which collecting professions you can perform in each area and which items and raw materials you can get there is shown as an icon on each area map.

world tree leaves

After the introductory questline for World Tree Leaves, we get these collectibles randomly when gathering resources or practicing the crafting professions. Where we can get this advisor quest and what rewards there are for turning it in is revealed in our guide to the world tree leaves.

In the Woodcutting profession, we get the following World Tree Leaves.

  • world tree leaf 3
  • world tree leaf 9
  • World Tree Leaf 15
  • World tree leaf 21
  • World Tree Leaf 27
  • World Tree Leaf 42

Faded arch talisman

As a reward for turning in 12 World Tree Leaves, we will receive the Pale Arch Talisman item. This increases all our professions by one level. The talisman also gives us more raw materials. For 36 World Tree Leaves, we get Sallow Citrine and for 48 World Tree Leaves, we get Silent Citrine. These are upgrades for the talisman, which increases all bonuses.


V Rising: Best Axes Build for both PvP and PvE



V Rising: Best Axes Build for both PvP and PvE

V Rising has in-depth Character customization including weapons and magic spells as well. In this guide, we have made an extremely OP build for both PvP and PvE game modes. This build is made using Axes weapons. This build also suits the playstyle in countering actual players as well as bandits and different animals or monsters you counter in V Rising. PvP is also really good using these axes build. If you don’t have many friends and you’re a solo player, this build is the best build in terms of solo grinding. The complete build counters both healing and combat making this build really good.

This build will completely tell you all the Weapons abilities, Magic abilities, and the blood type used with the build.

Weapon Abilities

We have used axes in this build and there are a bunch of weapon abilities used with it as well. The Axes we are using are the Dark Silver Axes with a gear level of 21. The weapon abilities you want to put on the axes are the following.

Weapon Abilities
  • Primary Attack: It performs a combo attack and deals 45% – 55% physical damage.
  • Frenzy: This ability will add more mobility and you dash forward while hitting. The first enemy will get hit with 100% physical damage. The movement speed will increase by 25%.
  • X-Strike: These are the blades that you throw towards the enemies and it boomerangs back to you. It’s each hot with the blade will deal 85% physical damage.
  • Veil of Chaos: In terms of mobility, you want to have this ability because it works best with the frenzy ability. When you dash into the enemies with the frenzy ability, you can dash out with the veil of chaos and leave an illusion of yours behind and after a couple of seconds, the illusion will explode, dealing more damage to the enemies. The explosion will deal 50% magic damage to enemies.

Magic Abilities

The magic abilities are also very important in the V Rising especially in the PvP because you want to make more plays with your teammates and you do want to use the magic in the fight to gain the benefits. The magic abilities that you want to have in this build are the following.

Magic Abilities
  • Purgatory: It creates a pillar that slows enemies and heals the allies and yourself. It deals 75% of magic damage to enemies.
  • Sanguine Coil: It gives you a range attack ability so you can attack from far. The projectile launch at enemies will deal 75% magic damage.
  • Crimson Beam: It is also for the ranged attack, a beam will be struck in a direction and you can hold it for 4 seconds. The beam will deal 150% magic damage to enemies.

Blood type

Now the Blood Type is also very important in the build because the blood type will improve certain abilities of your character. The Blood type you want to use for this build is Brute. The Brute Blood type will give you the following increments.

  • 7.5% – 12.5% Primary Attack life leech.
  • 7.5% – 15% Increased Primary attack speed and gain 1 gear level.
  • Healing received increased by 20% – 35%.
Blood type

Now with these increments all of your abilities that heal allies and yourself, will be amplified to 20% – 35%. Even your primary attack will give you life leech meaning healing you while you are hitting the enemies. All the magic abilities heal your allies and yourself so, their healing stats will also increase with this blood type.

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V Rising: How to complete the Servants Quest



V Rising: How to complete the Servants Quest

In V Rising, you can also make humans NPC your servants, it is a very good and useful mechanic to get resources and manage your Castle base. You don’t have to go for yourself to gather the required resources for the upgrades, you can just order your servants and they will do the rest of the work.

In this guide, we tell you how to complete the servant quest in V Rising tutorial.

How to Complete the Servants Quest

In order to complete the servant quest, you need to make a servant coffin. In order to make the servant coffin, you need to gather a couple of items that will be used in the crafting of the Servant Coffin. The items required to make the Servant Coffin are the following:

After getting both of the required materials, now you need to make the Servant Coffin. In order to make the servant Coffin, you should have 16 Planks, 8 Copper Ingots, and 1 Greater Blood Essence. If you don’t have these required resources then you need to get these resources first. You can make Copper Ingot in Tannery Structure and Plank in Sawmill structure.

After getting all the materials and resources, now you can make the Servant Coffin. Open the Production menu and select the Dominance section, you’ll see Servant Coffin there. Click on the Coffin and place it at your desired position in the Castle.

How to Complete the Servants Quest

After that, you just need to escort any Human NPC inside the Servant Coffin and it will convert that human to your servant and then you can give him orders.

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V Rising: How to get Greater Blood Essence in an easy way



V Rising: How to get Greater Blood Essence in an easy way

V Rising game has the mechanics of recipes as well that your vampire can make in the Blood Press machine. This material is the stronger version of the regular Blood Essence that you get by feeding on different enemies or living things. In this guide, we tell you how to get the Greater Blood Essence in an easy way in the game.

Greater Blood Essence

Greater Blood Essence is a recipe that can be made in the Blood Press machine that you have to craft in your Castle base. After you’ve crafted the Blood Press you can make different recipes in it which’ll give you different benefits. The Greater Blood Essence works exactly the same as the regular Blood Essence but it has more efficiency.

You can use it to upgrade the Heart Castle, increase the fortified time of the castle, use it to turn humans into obedient servants, and use it to learn the sealed knowledge. In order to make 1 Greater Blood Essence, you’d need to have 150 Blood Essence and the Blood Press will combine the 150 Blood Essence into Greater Blood Essence.

How to Get Greater Blood Essence in Easy Way

The Greater Blood Essence is a high-level material and the first that you’d get this will be from the Tristan the Vampire Hunter Boss. You’d get this recipe by defeating him. That boss is 46 level and you have to be at least level 40 to defeat him. But there is also another easier way to make this recipe using items other than Blood Essence.

The way you can make this recipe is by getting the Unsullied Hearts. The unsullied Hearts are dropped by the mobs that have a little higher level than the regular mobs. You’d find these mobs in a different area of the map. You can recognize them by their level, if there is an enemy that has a higher level than the enemies around him that means he can drop you the unsullied heart.

How to Get Greater Blood Essence in Easy Way

Normally the bosses in Blood Altar can drop you the unsullied Hearts. Almost every boss will drop an unsullied heart and what you want to do is that you need to gather the unsullied hearts and bring them back to base to store them. Make sure that you do not consume it while you are low on health. Save these hearts for making the Greater Blood Essence when the recipe is unlocked.

The 4 unsullied Hearts would make 1 Greater Blood Essence and if you want to make it with the Blood Essence then it would cost 150 Blood Essence. That is the only reason to save the hearts so, you can make numbers of Greater Blood Essence material.

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