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Lost Ark -. Secret dungeons: What they are and how to find them



Lost Ark -. Secret dungeons: What they are and how to find them

Lost Ark offers us the possibility of exploring large maps, where there are dungeons marked on the map that we can explore. These are places with a relatively large map, lots of enemies, a boss, and rewards. However, there are also secret dungeons, much smaller and that also gives us the option to get special loot. This is everything you need to know about them.

How are secret dungeons found?

Sometimes, when you have defeated special enemies or completed certain quests, you will be rewarded with a map, which has a rolled-up scroll icon in your inventory. When using it, a box with a map piece will appear. In it, you will see a red X that marks a specific point.

Keep in mind that you may not be at the location on the map. The game itself isolates you if this is the case, indicating the area in which you should search. Now, knowing where to look, you have to identify the point on the map indicated by the fragment you have on the screen (you can move it and leave it to one side, so it doesn’t bother you too much). When you reach the exact spot an interact button will appear.

Doing so will bring up a portal that takes you to the secret dungeon in question. It will always be in the same place.

What’s in the secret dungeons?

Secret dungeons are very small, basically consisting of a corridor, an exit from the dungeon, and a room with the boss. Along the way, there are minor mobs, which also spawn in the boss room.

Once you have defeated the boss, you get loot, just like defeating any final boss in the game. Once you have defeated him, you have to leave the dungeon through the exit point, on the other side of the corridor where you are. Once you exit, you cannot re-enter the secret dungeon.

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