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Lost Ark: How to fix error [We’re Sorry] 10027



Lost Ark: How to fix error [We're Sorry] 10027

Why do I get the error message “We apologize? Couldn’t connect to the server due to extreme server load [10027]”? In the last few hours, this will probably be the question asked by one or the other player who has bought the new Lost Ark from the South Korean developer Tripod Studio and Smilegate RPG. In the last few days after the release, the rush to the servers was (and still is) so great that it is not uncommon for people to queue for a few minutes or even hours at peak times. Unlike the queue, the “We apologize” error appears right after the game starts and you can’t even choose a server let alone connect. Another problem is also After clicking on the “Confirm” button, the game ends. Is there a cause of the problem and how to fix the error in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark Error 10027: Error message due to extreme server load

The short answer is, according to our research, there is, unfortunately, no real “fix” here other than trying again and again. There are increasing reports of the error message “Due to extreme server load, a connection to the server could not be established” with the error code 10027. According to a post from a community manager, the error seems to be well known and a solution is being worked on. Unfortunately, the posts do not indicate whether it is another error or whether it is simply due to the current server overload.

Check server status on errors

In addition to occasional connection attempts, you should always keep an eye on the official server status website for error code 10027. At you can find an up-to-date display of the server status for all regions and all servers. If it is currently set to “Busy”, “Full” or “Maintenance”, this could be one of the reasons for the “We apologize” error message. It usually helped for us to wait a few minutes and reconnect again and again. Sooner or later, with a bit of luck, you will be logged in, connected to the server, and can play.

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