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Lost Ark: How to change the player name



Lost Ark: How to change the player name

How to change the player name in Lost Ark? Is it even possible to change the name afterward and if so, how does that work? Anyone who creates a character in the new Lost Ark must of course also choose a player name for the character. As is always the case in games with character creation, sooner or later you want to customize the character and not only the appearance, but maybe also the name. In this guide, we have created a short guide on how and where you can change the name afterward.

How to change the name later in Lost Ark?

Even though Lost Ark has only been on the market for a few days, it’s not that easy to find a free name even now. A large number of the names have already been taken and in order to be able to plunge into the adventure more quickly, you simply take what is currently available. Then after a few hours of playing and leveling up the character, you want to give yourself a “reasonable” name and then you look for the name change option.

Buy a name change ticket and change player names

The good news is, yes, you can change the name in Lost Ark afterward, but it’s not entirely free. As one or the other player may already know from other online games and MMORPGs, the name change is subject to a fee. To be more precise, you need a so-called name change ticket. The ticket, in turn, can be purchased for 1,500 Royal Crystals in the in-game shop.

  • Start Lost Ark and buy the name change ticket in the in-game shop.
  • Click on “Change name” in the character selection at the bottom right and enter a new player name.

Similar to the name, changing the appearance also works. In order to change the appearance afterward, a character customization ticket is required, which can also be purchased in the in-game shop.

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