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Lost Ark: How to unlock, build and upgrade ships



Lost Ark: How to unlock, build and upgrade ships

Anyone who has watched one or the other stream or videos about Lost Ark will certainly have seen players sailing across a sea in a boat. In the situation, then, the question often arises, how to unlock the ship in Lost Ark ? How to upgrade the unlocked ship, and where to get upgrade materials and blueprints for new ships?

Unlock and use ship

The ship is automatically unlocked in Lost Ark as the story progresses. From about level 35-37 you get the quest called “set sail”. In the quest, you have to interact with different NPCs and then get the first crew member in the form of Eshu. The boat or ship is then unlocked and you can embark on the journey.

use ship

To use the ship you can simply open the map and click on the button “set sail” at the bottom left. Alternatively, you can also enter your own ship via the port or the portal.

Repair ship

Over time, the ship takes a little damage, for example when cruising in rough waters. To repair the ship, simply drive near a port, open the dock with the Y key, and then click the “Repair” button at the bottom.

Unlock more ships

At first, you have the choice between three different ships. You can unlock more ships later. The unlock conditions for each ship are displayed in the dock at the top of the screen.

Upgrade and improve ship

In order to be able to upgrade and thus improve the ship, you need the appropriate upgrade materials. The upgrading materials, such as ship parts, can in turn be obtained through sea events or found on the high seas. In addition to the upgrade materials, you also get blueprints for the respective ship from the sea events from time to time.

The ship can be upgraded in the dock using the “Upgrade” button. Here you also get an overview of the necessary upgrade materials for the next upgrade. You also get an overview of what improves with the level up or the shipping upgrade.

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