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Lost Ark: Snow-Pang Island Token, Quest and Rewards



Lost Ark: Snow-Pang Island Token, Quest and Rewards

As mentioned by its name, it is a snowy beautiful island full of rewarding quests and items. This island is located on the Guinea Sea. This island requires a 250 item level. As the island is located by sea you need to use the ship to approach the Island. But first, you need to unlock the sailing ability. You can earn Snow-Pang coins as a reward through various quests and tasks.


This island includes different quests like a snowball fight, carrying gifts for the children in Arcrasia, and a daily quest, Raise a snowman.


If you complete the quests you will get these as a reward. Also, the player vs player quests includes rewards based on points the more you get more you will be rewarded.

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Acrasium
  • Shilling Chest
  • Various craft & Refine Materials
  • Imprint Books

Snowball fight Quest

This is the first quest on Snow-Pang Island. It is a quest in which players participate in a snowball fight where you have to snowball at each other. In return, you will get points based on your points you will be rewarded with silver. During this quest, a snow wave comes you have to take the cover opposite direction to save yourself from the wave.
Game mechanism rewards for the first and second position are 6000 and 3000 silver and a Commemorative pouch.

Snowball fight Quest

Other Quests and rewards

Other quests are given to you by NPC’s on Snow-Pang Island.

Sister are you a snowman

Reward: Battle items and various chests include items like Flash Grenade, Electric Grenade, Destructive Bomb, and Thunder Potions.

Little Sister Wish

Reward: 10,000 Silver.

Help the Ice Spirit

Reward: 500 Gold.

The Power of Snow-Flakes

Reward: Snow-Person Muffler and 1 increase in Kindness.

Have you grown up

Reward: 15,000 Silver.

Snow-Pang Island Token

During the Snowball fight which is a player vs player adventure quest. As a reward, you will get Fun Snow-Fight Commemorative Pouch. Which is a rare item in Lost Ark. You can’t dismantle and sell this item. You will get the Snow-Pang Island token from this pouch.

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