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Lost Ark: Where to find and defeat Chaotic Chuo



Lost Ark: Where to find and defeat Chaotic Chuo

These are all the attacks that Chaotic Chuo performs in combat and that you must take into account if you do not want to fall at first.

A multitude of dangers await us on our journey through the Lost Ark, and we have to face normal enemies and many other challenges, but we also have a series of mini-bosses that will make our lives impossible.

However, one of those bosses that the user community is having more difficulty defeating is Chaotic Chuo, and that is that until a series of requirements are met, he will be invulnerable, and once you face him, you must know each of his techniques to avoid falling in the first attempts.

We are not only going to tell you where to find the Chaotic Chuo in Lost Ark but also what its attack techniques are so that you take it into account and thus not be defeated at first.

Where to find and defeat Chaotic Chuo in Lost Ark

You will find this enemy exactly in Spring of Echoes in Melody Forest in Annika, and so that you have a clearer location, we offer you the following map:

lost ark boss location

This is a limited-time raid that rotates every two or three days.

Note that until you have an item level higher than 380 the enemy will be invulnerable, and you will not be able to fight them.

In addition, you must also meet the requirement that you must have previously defeated a normal Chuo in order to face this much more fearsome variant.

Main abilities of Chaotic Chuo

In order for you to defeat him, you must know all the attacks he can use against you:

  • This enemy is capable of creating portals on the ground that will explode so you must avoid them or you will suffer a large amount of damage.
  • It is an enemy that will not stop jumping, and can even charge you
  • It has a charged attack whereby it throws a bunch of energy balls that do great damage.
  • He can instantly kill you with one of his spike attacks.
  • He is able to cause energy blasts by creating a conical area in front of him.
  • It will perform lunges and even create a kind of lightning that can almost kill you instantly

As soon as you defeat him, you’ll be rewarded with an objective from the Adventurer’s Tome, as well as high-tier collectibles, one of which is guaranteed to be of Epic rarity.

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