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How to quickly pex alts in Lost Ark



How to quickly pex alts in Lost Ark

We explain here a method to quickly pex your alts on Lost Ark. The idea is to be able to unlock in a few hours, several alts (rerolls, secondary character) at level 50 in order to then accumulate resources more quickly in the game. Note that this technique will depend on your level of income and therefore potentially, from the purchase of a Founder’s Pack .

The importance of quickly pexing alts in Lost Ark

Because Lost Ark is based on a repeating daily content system, actively farming for hours on end is rarely an option. Conversely, the MMO offers a model of sharing resources between your different characters, which favors an approach where fast content must be validated daily on your rerolls/alt.

Thus, quickly pexing several alts to level 50 is quite an important strategy on Lost Ark since it will allow you to accumulate more resources in order to optimize your main character. It’s a pretty try-hard approach at first though, not necessary for players who just want to experience the content at their own pace.

Once level 50, where do you go to unlock your first Alt?

You have probably just chained long hours of quests on previous continents. Upon reaching level 47-50, you should have finished Anich and started the Artheline continent. We invite you to complete the continent on which you started the questline until the main quest asks you to go to Bern.

The rest of the content will take place on the mainland of Bern and more particularly in Bern-Nord. Go there by boat, advance in the quest which brings you to the Castle-Bern. First, start by setting this town as your return point, you’re going to have a great time here.

If the area will be your second home for a while, it is also the place where you can unlock your first Express Growth Pass. The latter is obtained via a series of quests linked to the main story. Therefore, do not seek to immediately unlock it, the Pass will come naturally to you.

Alts Express & Pex Growth Pass

This Express Growth Pass is free since it is linked to the story. The very fact that he is present so early in your adventure after level 50 indicates that this is the right timing to embark on the creation of several alts.

With this Express Growth Pass, you will be able to raise a secondary character to level 50 by following a specific questline for a parallel story to the main one. Without knowing it, you should get there in less than an hour. Your first reroll will therefore be 50 in less time than you had to queue at the start of the game!

In addition, a second Express Growth Pass will be issued to you free of charge once the first alt is mounted. This will then allow you to repeat the operation to obtain the third character at level 50. Alas, the result will be different but not necessarily more frustrating.

Pay to pex, how your gold will fund your alts which will fund your hand!

Ok so said like that, you might think here that we are talking about using the shop to pex your alts but that is not the case! Indeed, what we propose to you is to use the technique of knowledge transfer.

On Lost Ark, it is possible to use, via your Fortress, a technique allowing you to quickly pex your alts automatically. Automatically? Yes, because the process is passive and will last a few hours, the time for you to play on another character. For this, you will have to pay a large sum of gold: 600 to be precise.

If this amount is important, know that it is possible to quickly recover gold by multiplying the alts. So it is a medium and long-term investment. However, be careful because several elements must be taken into account.

Only use knowledge transfer if:

  • You plan to optimize your main character for VHL content
  • If you can take the time to produce the daily content on several characters
  • Mainly if you have additional resources through the acquisition of a Founder’s Pack

Indeed, 600 gold is a nice sum at the beginning of the adventure and it could be useful to you otherwise, especially if you are not the type to play several characters. If the alt system on Lost Ark is very different from other European MMORPGs (the latter serve as little hands to your main character), each additional character will increase your daily playtime.

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