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Lost Ark: Tier 1 Island Route



Lost Ark: Tier 1 Island Route

In this guide, we bring you a Tier 1 island route so you have it on hand at the Lost Ark exit. If what you are looking for is a route of tier 2 islands, we also leave it here.

Keep in mind that there are steps that you will have to complete during the leveling of the character, so we recommend that you read each step carefully, especially those in the preparation section.


  • Link to the Portal Statue in Lutheran Castle.
  • When you get to the Forest of Giants you will have to put your first Bifrost teleport at the door of the area dungeon (The Heart of Tortoyk).
  • Goes up Cut to 4 as you level up.
  • When you get to 50 and reach 250 item level you can start with the path of islands.
  • Remember to unlock the Island Tokens in Opher, the Lonely Island. You will be given the quest when you finish the main quest from Arthetine.

Islands Route

  • Sleeping Gulls Island – Complete the quest chain as soon as you enter the island, to complete the last quest you have to buy the * Song of Resonance and get the Minuet of the Forest . Follow the island route and look at the song guides to find out how to get them.
    • *You need 16,500 pirate coins, which you can get from the chests on this island route and from the Welcome Challenge rewards. Open 1 or 2 chests and claim Sun Coins. Use these coins in the ports of the main cities to exchange them for pirate coins until you get the necessary 16,500 Pirate Coins.
  • Island of the Golden Waves – Complete the quests and collect stranded goods until you get the island token. You can redeem the island materials you collect at the corresponding vendor on the island*.
    • *The blue materials (wood) that you get in the chests do not throw them, you can use them in the daily of Una’s taks
  • Starlight Island – Complete the quests until I send you to other islands , leave the remaining *quests for another time and head to the next island .
    • *When you finish the island route complete the missions to get great rewards.
  • Panda Pupu Island – Complete all * island quests until you unlock the Puppa affinity.
    • *Yellow quest secrets are marked with a star (click the stars to see if they are quest secrets) on the map.
  • Turtle Island – Complete the the Turtle quest chain. One of the rewards is a Coral Jewel that you can exchange at any major city for a Turtle mount.
  • Peyto – Go up to Peyto’s second floor , buy the Adorable emote , the Song of Resonance , accept the Iceberg Inquiry quest, and complete the Being an Idol quest . Go to the next island.
  • Astella – Collect stars from the ground and complete the island quest chain. When you complete about 3 quests, one of the chain quests will give you a plant that is next to the NPC. Use the “star shards” to exchange them at the vendor on the island.
  • The Toto Plata Island – Complete the missions on the island until they send you to other areas, do not do them and follow the route. You will unlock a quest from Una that you can accept and complete on the island that yields good materials.
  • Giant Mushroom Island – Complete the island quests. When you have accepted the first quest in the chain, buy the Cashew Juice from the vendor and go to the portal. Drink the juice to go to the main area of ​​the island. Cut mushrooms until you complete the mission and get the island token. You need Tala to rank 4 to cut them down.
  • Totopia – Complete The Ugly Little Pig quest chain and accept the assignment from A Tutor in Totopia. Remember to complete this mission on 3 different days to unlock more missions. If you have Crystalline Aura place another Bifrost.
  • Isle of Serenity – Interact with the wood scraps to start the purple quest and complete the quests until you are sent to the Heart of Tortoyk. If you have the crystalline aura place the last Bifrost here.
    • Use the Bifrost to the Forest of the Giants that we discussed at the beginning and complete the mission; it is not necessary to finish the dungeon.
    • Use the comeback song return Song to Lutheran Castle and use the tripport to Saland Hill to complete the Ruins of Morai.
    • Use the Bifrost to return to the Isle of Serenity and complete the remaining quests.
  • Fomona Island – Complete the purple island quests.
  • Liebeheim – Complete the purple island quests; one of the missions will send you to Bikini Island , go and complete it.
  • Opher, the Lonely Island – Turn in the Island Tokens you’ve collected.
  • Shadow Island – Complete the island quests until it asks you to do X level of the Tower. If you can’t do it continue to the next island.
  • Facility X-301 – Complete the island quests until you unlock the dungeon. The quests will not give you materials like the previous ones, but they will increase your lore.
  • Island of the Fugitives – Complete the missions on the island.
  • Glacier Island – If you have followed this guide you will have the Iceberg Inquiry quest. Complete all missions until you are sent to Stern Origins to complete one of the missions. This last mission can be completed at any other time.
  • Kalthertz – Complete the yellow missions on the island. If you complete all of them, you will receive the quest [Option] To White Wave Island. Head to that island to complete the quests.
  • White Wave Island – Complete the Khartherz quest and complete The Lonely Island* island quest.
    • *You need a minimum item level of 460 and quest to go to Rohendel to complete the quest.
  • Opher, the Lonely Island – Again, turn in the Island Tokens you’ve collected.
  • Sleeping Gulls Island – If you bought the Song of Resonance from Peyto, complete the quests.

Other islands

  • Unknown Island 460 ilvl – Go to the island when it appears and participate in the event.
  • Illusion Island 460 ilvl – Go to the island when it appears and participate in the event.
  • Kharmine Hideout 460 ilvl – Go to the island and complete all quests.
  • Nostalgia Island 600 ilvl* – Go to the island and complete all quests.

*You can enter the island even if you don’t have item level 600, it only requires completing the fishing quest.

Once all the islands have been completed, remember that you have to complete the missions you picked up on the island route that send you to other containers and islands.

Where to get more Tier 1 materials

You can use Mari’s shop to buy materials, but the amount of materials you can buy in the shop is limited.

To open it you can press «F4» or click on the cart icon in the menu at the bottom right.

You can buy more materials on the ships that are just outside the main cities.

You can also keep doing Chaos Dungeons to get materials and trade them at the vendor right next to you. This vendor is in every major city.

If you have been making the donations in your guild you can also exchange the Sylmael HeliotropeSylmael Heliotropes for materials at the guild shop from any major city.

You can also complete the Gates of Chaos, which you can do once a day, to get the maps to hidden secret areas.

Remember that you can join a group to make these maps since each member of the group can contribute their own and thus you can complete up to 4, plus it will be much easier for you.

You can use the Procyon Compass, the third icon below the minimap, to check the schedules of bosses and ghost ships.

You can also complete Rohendel dungeons on normal or hard as the last method to get a few materials.

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