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Lost Ark: Tier 2 Island Route



Lost Ark: Tier 2 Island Route

In this guide, we bring you a route of Tier 2 islands for you to continue after finishing the Tier 1 route.

Please note that Fomona Island and Liebeheim Island are Tier 2 islands and are already included in the Tier 1 route, so they will not appear in this guide. If you haven’t completed them, you should do so before starting this route.


  • Complete Yorn ‘s main story.
  • Do the first 2 chaos dungeons of the day at the end of Yorn’s story.
  • Make sure you’ve completed the Tier 1 Island route.
  • Upgrade Rapier as much as you can to increase resistance to dangerous waters.

Islands Route

  • Gesbroy – Complete the island quests; remember that it has 2 floors.
  • Skywind Island – Complete the yellow and purple quests on the island*. Use the interactive map to find the purple quest and the hidden quests for the rocking horses.
    • *When you are sent to Shangra, you can watch our video guide to complete The Wings to Awaken the Dragonstone.
  • Gravis – Complete the yellow missions on the island. When you complete them, accept the purple quest until I send you to Hypnos*.
    • *Complete the purple quest to unlock Hypnos.
  • Eyes of Hypnos – To enter the island you must complete Gravis’ purple quest. Complete all-island missions until you finish fighting in the arena. Once you complete the arena fight mission you have to pick up the last mission here.
  • Twilight Island – Complete all-island quests, including the ones that send you to the Twilight Chapel dungeon.
  • Distorted Island – Open the interactive map and enter through the secret corridors. When you enter the warped rooms look for the NPC who gives you the purple quests. Complete them all until you receive the quest to complete the Cube. Save the Cube quest for when you’ve finished the route.
  • Fun Lane – Complete all-island missions.
  • Metus Islands – Complete purple island quests*.
    • *Interactive map guide in the process.
  • Isle of Mist – Complete the island quests, use the interactive map to complete the hidden quests and get the island token.
  • Ice Labyrinth Island – Complete the yellow quests on the island to unlock the final purple quest*. Use our interactive map to complete the island quests; the path is marked in yellow.

*The last quest will ask for Humpback Oil, which you can get by completing level 2 of the Notos Island Whale Watcher’s Assignment:

Where to get more Tier 2 materials

You can use Mari’s shop to buy materials, but the amount you can buy each day is limited.

To open it you can press «F4» or click on the cart icon in the menu at the bottom right.

You can buy more materials on the ships that are just outside the main cities.

You can also keep doing Chaos Dungeons to get materials and trade them at the vendor right next to you. This vendor is in every major city.

If you have been making the donations in your guild you can also exchange the Sylmael HeliotropeSylmael Heliotropes for materials in the guild shop level 2 or higher from any main city.

You can also complete the Gates of Chaos, which you can do once a day, to get the maps to hidden secret areas.

Remember that you can join a group to make these maps since each member of the group can contribute their own and thus you can complete up to 4, plus it will be much easier for you.

You can use the Procyon Compass, the third icon below the minimap, to check the schedules of bosses and ghost ships.

You can also complete Rohendel dungeons on normal or hard as the last method to get a few materials.

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