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How to get silver in Lost Ark



How to get silver in Lost Ark

The vast majority of game missions, whether main or secondaries, give you silver. Although doing missions is probably the worst way to get silver, it’s a process you’ll have to go through when you get on a new character.


Raise the Affinity with Lost Ark NPCs is a must for its rewards, including the silver.

almost all affinities will give you silver on some of the relationship levels, so don’t leave the issue of raising friendship with NPCs on the backburner.


The more levels you complete in the cube, the greater the reward. Remember you need an Entrance ticket to the cube to be able to carry out this content.

they can give you entrance tickets to the cube in the Chaos Dungeons and in the Bucket Ticket Chest purchased from the guild shop.

It is recommended to enter a cube in a group since it will be much easier and you will be able to go further.

Chaos Dungeons

You can get silver by completing both Daily Chaos Dungeons.

Commissions from one

Although most commissions from Una dan silver, there are some in particular located on Lopang Island that will give you more than usual.

In the following list you have highlighted the ones that give the most amount of silver:

  • Special Delivery: Anikka
  • Special Delivery: Tortoyk
  • Special Delivery: Lutheran
  • Special delivery: Bern
  • Special Delivery: Shushire
  • Special Delivery: Arthetine

Remember that you can place the Bifrost Teleport on Lopang Island and at the delivery points of the packages and the comeback song Return song in Bern to go faster.

When you complete one of these special deliveries 6 times (you can do 1 a day) you will get the Island Tokens Lopang Island Token (first time only), 100 of Gold, and approximately 80,000 silver.

Guild shop

You can use the Sylmael Heliotrope to buy a silver chest and Bucket Ticket in the guild shop to get some extra silver.

Marine riches

You can get a lot of silver completing the Marine Riches:

  • 2 Marine Riches ➜ 100,000 ofsilver
  • 6 Marine Riches ➜ 200,000 ofsilver
  • 12 Marine Riches ➜ 400,000 ofsilver
  • 16 Marine Riches ➜ 400,000 ofsilver
  • 22 Marine Riches ➜ 1,000,000 ofsilver
  • 32 Marine Wealth ➜ 2,000,000 of silver

Exchange gold for silver

This method is only for those who have a lot of Gold and don’t mind wasting it. In Lost Ark, gold is much harder to come by than silver, and the exchange is not worth it .

You can do this trade in any main city at the NPCs Belmond and NPCs Halmond, known as [Gold Shop]:

  • Hidden Safe: 100Goldgold → 10,000 silver
  • Hidden Safe: 1,000Goldgold → 100,000silver.

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