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Lost Ark: Here’s How to create and leave a guild



Lost Ark: Here's How to create and leave a guild

Lost Ark has become one of the successful games on Steam. As you better know Lost Ark is a free-to-play game, so it might be the reason behind its success. In Lost Ark one of the most important things is Guild. So in this article, I’ll be teaching you how you can create and leave a guild.

Why should i join a guild?

Lost Ark guilds offer a multitude of advantages, so if you don’t plan on creating your own guild you should join one sooner rather than later.

Guilds allow you to access Sylmael’s shop and spend Sylmael’s Heliotropes on materials to upgrade equipment, buy silver, Cube entry tickets, and more.

Requirements for joining a guild

Some guilds require all their members to donate daily, so keep that in mind when joining one.

The guild requires the contribution of its members to grow, so collaboration is essential to unlocking certain features.

Donations can be made once a day via the Personal Contribution tab in the guild interface, and can be as follows:

  • 100 Gold – Focused on very demanding guilds.
  • 6,000 Silver – The most basic donation any guild member looking to advance should make.
  • 1 Guild Banner of Honor – Intended for players who can afford to spend real money on the game. It is bought at Mari’s store.

When you donate something for the guild you’ll get in returns:

  • 1 Guild Banner of Honor → Sylmael Heliotropex200 Sylmael Heliotropes and Contribution Points50 contribution points
  • 6000 Silver →Sylmael Heliotropex50 Sylmael Heliotropes and contribution Points10 contribution points.
  • 100 Gold → Sylmael Heliotropex200 Sylmael Heliotropes and contribution Points30 contribution points.

It’s time to teach you how you can create your own guilt.

How you can create your own guild

  • In the menu at the bottom right, open the community menu and above it the guild menu (or ALT key + U key).
  • If you are not in a guild yet, you can switch to the “Create Guild” tab.
  • Next, a guild flag, a guild name, and a guild description can be selected. Then you can create the guild for 2,000 silver coins and start inviting members.

Incidentally, the guild name can be changed later. However, a guild name ticket from the in-game shop is required to change the name. The ticket costs a whopping 2,900 Royal Crystals. For this reason, it is better to think about what name you want to use for the guild before founding it.

I hope this guide will help you create your own guild. Now, I’m going to teach you how to leave a guild.

How to leave a guild

  • Open the guild menu again at the bottom right via Community
  • Click the right arrow icon in the menu bar at the top and open the Manage tab.
  • You should now see the “Leave Guild” button in the bottom left, allowing you to leave the guild.

By the way, it is important that you cannot undo the action yourself. In order to rejoin the guild you have to be invited again (provided it is not a guild without an instant join). In addition, you will be blocked for 3 minutes and can neither find a guild nor join a guild during this time.

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