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Lost Ark: Tower of Doom – Walkthrough 1-50 floors



Lost Ark: Tower of Doom - Walkthrough 1-50 floors

1st floor

We are waiting for the room to be enveloped in fog and crowds of mobs will trample on you. We destroy them. Next will be a simple boss. Strikes with a series of quick attacks, returning to the original at the end. We kill, trying not to get hit.

2nd floor

There are bombs near the walls, it is better not to approach them. You need to kill the boss. We run around him, causing damage and avoiding attacks, as they, imposing a slowdown, are thrown back on bombs. For the lazy ones, you can just put up a scarecrow and kill the poor guy while he doesn’t pay attention to you.

Here we are waiting for the boss with very slow, but extremely powerful attacks. After you start to beat him, invulnerable arrows will appear throughout the room. We run around the boss, dealing damage and dodging his attacks and the abundance of projectiles flying at you. Nothing complicated.

3rd floor

Here we are waiting for the boss with very slow, but extremely powerful attacks. After you start to beat him, invulnerable arrows will appear throughout the room. We run around the boss, dealing damage and dodging his attacks and the abundance of projectiles flying at you. Nothing complicated.

4th floor

A room is full of bombs. You can take a scarecrow with you to get rid of part of them. It is better to start from the top, then run down the edge of the room, then go up again through the center and repeat the run. When the timer is 2.30, we stand in the center, the bombs will simply explode on the spot. At 2.20, large bombs will start appearing in turn from above, below, left, and right. Then another wave of large bombs, starting from the top, but now in a continuous formation in a circle. Undermine carefully. This is where the sapper game ends.

5th floor

Here we are waiting for two simple bosses. We dodge attacks, injecting damage. Very light floor.

6th floor

Another boss. Summons a bunch of invulnerable evil to help, which debuffs and deals damage. There are no special mechanics here. We run around the boss, trying to kill as quickly as possible. An incendiary mixture and a scarecrow to help you.

7th floor

Let’s start with the attacks: they will go sequentially, you need to remember them. First, a few circles below you. Further rays on the upper half of the room. Then the rays to the bottom, and so on in a circle. Also, from time to time, a thunder fog will appear, dealing damage. Try not to stand in it. You need to kill the boss in the center, dodging all attacks along the way. They hit extremely hard, so be careful.

8th floor

This time 3 bosses. You can hit one at a time, or you can hit them all at once. Nothing complicated.

9th floor

Here it will be a little more difficult. Your goal is to stay alive by running around the room and dodging all attacks. It is best to start the race from the center, up, then slowly along the edge of the room counterclockwise. At first, we will be bombarded with the usual circular attacks. The most important thing is not to rush and not run too far. Next, the rays come into play. They are activated from above and go cyclically in a circle counterclockwise, being the main difficulty of the room. do not immediately disappear, interfering with movement and discarding if you get under them. The main task is to be as far away from them as possible when the rays appear. If you started the race as described earlier, then when you activate them, you will have a large margin of time. Next, the most important thing is to keep it moving slowly. Soon bombs will join your fun, they are visible in advance, and you just need to run around them.

10th floor

Fat boss with very slow attacks. Sometime after the start of the battle, poisonous puddles and several immortal mobs will appear around the edges of the room. It is better not to go into puddles, as they hit painfully. Also, from time to time, the poison will appear in other parts of the room, it will not hit so hard, try to avoid it. Mobs, on the other hand, will move around the room in jerks, pushing you away and causing damage. There are 2 options here, either constantly dodge, or collect in a heap and get stuck with Sleeping Gas Flask. In general, not a difficult level.

11th floor

On the edges are 5 sorcerers, constantly summoning bunches of small mobs. A new call is carried out only after the death of the previous one. The task is to kill the sorcerers. You can collect all the monsters in a bunch and get stuck with the soporific bottle you already know and calmly deal with the sorcerers. Well, or knead everyone mixed up, it’s up to you to decide. Surprisingly a very simple room.

12th floor

Rather slow and plump boss. There are invulnerable crows on the edges of the room, casting AoE. Also along the way, crowds of small crows fly at you and fall asleep from above with feathers. There are no special mechanics here. Try, constantly moving, to damage the boss, simultaneously killing packs of small crows, while not approaching the edges of the room.

13th floor

Another boss. Sometime after the start of the battle, he will begin to summon his immortal clones, which will interfere, bombarding you with attacks. Ignoring them and, if possible, dodging flying shells, we thresh the main one. You can identify it by color. Nothing complicated.

14th floor

Here you will need to play sapper. To pass, you will need one scarecrow and one cape. In the center of the room, invulnerable monsters will stand in a cross, they do not pose a threat, they simply do not allow them to pass through. After the room is shrouded in fog, small bombs will be trampled. The first for 12 hours, then for 6, 9, 3, 10 and the last for 4. Then there will be a short pause, and a few more mobs will appear, which, teleporting, will try to interfere with you. We are waiting for the timer to be 2.12, and put the scarecrow, then use the cape and run away to the opposite end of the room. By the end of the cape, the last large bomb will remain in the center. Carefully undermine it. This is where the sapper game ends.

15th floor

It will be a little tricky. You need to kill the boss. After some time after the start of the battle, groups of mobs will begin to appear sequentially around the edges of the room. The first group includes 8 snakes. They are located four along the upper and lower boundaries of the floor. The second group consists of four snakes. Two along the left and right borders. These two groups will blast you with poison, poisoning you and slowing you down. The third and final group includes four snakes that annoy with a cone attack that inflicts a petrification effect. Initially, they appear in the corners, but over time they will slowly move towards the center.

The minions have been dismantled, now let’s move on to the boss itself. The attacks are quite sharp and deal good damage, so try to dodge everyone. Particular attention should be paid to the cone, imposing camp, as well as whirlwinds and puddles that cause very high damage.

Now let’s move on to the walkthrough. The whole difficulty lies in the third group of mobs. Initially, the safe area from all groups is the center, but as the third group approaches, it becomes unsafe there as well. The easiest option is to have time to flood with damage while there is a safe zone. If it didn’t work out, and you are mobile enough, you can move, for example, up to the wall at the time of the petrification cast, but these will be jumps for luck, since there are no guarantees that the boss will not launch something at you next. You can also try to catch petrification with dash or other immune skills. In case none of the above works, you can simply insert runes for petrification immunity and hit the boss, standing in the center, moving a little to the side on the cast, so as not to catch all 4 cones.

16th floor

Monsters will come in waves, you just need to kill them. A first wave is a group of swordsmen attacking in small series of attacks. The second wave – all the same swordsmen, but with arrows. The third wave – a crowd of melee gargoyles will join the already familiar swordsmen and shooters. Be careful, as they kill extremely quickly. Control or kite, dealing damage along the way. Very basic floor.

17th floor

A plump mob that periodically calls for help of its invulnerable copies. They will interfere with you, control and cause good damage. When dodging their attacks, focus on killing the leader. If things go really bad, you can always use a scarecrow or a bottle of sleeping gas. Nothing complicated.

18th floor

Here you will find a very mobile boss with sharp, but not very strong attacks. Some time after the start of the battle, invulnerable mobs will begin to appear around the edges of the room. They will periodically launch projectiles at you, the areas of which are highlighted on the floor, so be careful. The longer you hit the boss, the more mobs will appear at the edges, and therefore the projectiles will fly more often, and it will be more and more difficult to damage. Try to kill him as quickly as possible. If things go really bad, you always have a scarecrow that can take some of the mobs on itself, as well as a sleep bottle.

19th floor

In the center stands a motionless boss, one-shot with his AoE. In order not to get hit at the moment of casting, you will need to move to the edge of the room. But it’s not all that simple. There are mobs along the edges, which, with a certain frequency, cast a circular AOE, causing significant damage. Therefore, in order not to die, you need to choose the right direction of displacement.

For convenience, we will conditionally divide all mobs into 2 groups. The first is those at twelve, three, six, and nine o’clock. The second is everyone else.

At first, a safe zone appears for any of the mobs of the first group at the start of the boss cast. Over time, there is a slight shift, which will grow, and the zone will open with a slight delay, be careful. After the timer hits 2.20, the offset of the first group will be very large and you will just need to change the group to the second. In other words, if before 2.20 you ran, say, for 12 hours, then after this mark you will need to run for 2 hours. Also, while casting the boss, refrain from using skills that interrupt it (for example, the Guardian’s victory cry ), as this will break the timings. A very simple floor, if you understand the mechanics.

20th floor

You need to kill two golems, which with their attacks push you to the edge of the room, where robots will be waiting, periodically firing at the entire space except for the middle part. The shelling deals significant damage, so try to stay in the center of the floor and avoid attacks from the golems. Also from time to time robots will appear trying to move you, be careful. For those who are especially lazy, you can put up a scarecrow, throw hammers and beat the poor fellows while they are busy.

21st floor

A bunch of bombs and centaurs that will interfere with you. For a comfortable passage, you will need one scarecrow, one cape and one jet sabatons, well, or you can get by with jerks. Explosions will periodically occur along the edges, so try not to leave the central part for a long time.

First, three bombs in the center will appear alternately with a short pause. Having activated the explosion, we immediately run back to a safe area, so as not to be hooked, and return to the starting one. Then another bomb will appear from a random side. Then there will be again two in the center, but the pause between the appearance will be minimal. After activating the first one, running away from the explosion, we press the bots, and as quickly as possible we return back to activate the second one. Then there will be a mob that will cast a puddle under you, and a group of bombs will appear in a semicircle at the bottom of the room. For a short period of time, the explosions at the edges will subside. Having quickly neutralized the enemies, we return to the center. We put a scarecrow a little aside and go into invisibility. A bunch of bombs will appear in a circle, then fire bugs will trample and then another wave of bombs, all these blows will be taken over by a straw friend. Finally, a crowd of centaurs will fall out.

22nd floor

You need to kill 5 elite mobs that appear in turn. Each subsequent one will be, so to speak, an improved version of the previous one with its own bunch of minions. Carts will appear in the corners of the room, shooting at you from time to time. We run around the elites, dealing damage and dodging attacks. The second and third mob shoot with a machine gun, and the last one has very slow, but extremely powerful attacks, so be careful.

23rd floor

The boss stands motionless in the center, which approximately every 14 seconds casts a circular stun for 2 seconds, which has a long animation. You don’t have to wait for this animation to complete. We run back only for the duration of the cast, after which we continue the distribution of cuffs. The first camp will be at 4.54.

Also, after the start of the battle, arrows will appear along the edges of the room. They will fire a volley about every 11-12 seconds, the first will be at 4.50. The bullets will fly to where you were at the time of the shot, so a second before it, start moving, for example, up or down, so that you do not get hooked.

At 3.28 4 knights will join your fun – 2 each on the left and right side. They will strike the ground approximately every 10 seconds. The center line from 12 to 6 o’clock remains safe, so try to move along it.

At 2.59, the lights will turn off completely, and the knights will come closer to the center and will hit where you were at the time of the swing. In such conditions, it will be extremely difficult to survive. So there are 2 ways to go. The first is to take a damage cost and flood the boss before the lights go out. The second is to insert runes from darkness and, trying to dodge all the blows, slowly destroy the boss. Which of the two methods to choose is up to you.

24th floor

Another room with bombs, for a comfortable passage of which you need one cape. A large robot will stand in the center, and smaller robots around the edges. All of them will cast a laser, which is better not to fall under.

Starting at 12 o’clock, the bombs will explode in a clockwise direction. We move in a circle without falling into the zone of explosions. Then there will be one bomb for 12 hours and again 4, but already counterclockwise, we also move in a circle. The boss will then outline a safe area and fire his laser. We get up on the border of this very zone at about 5 o’clock. At the same time, 2 bombs will start to appear. First at 12 o’clock, then at 9 o’clock, then the center and the last at 3 o’clock. At the moment of activation of the central bombs, the laser casts will end and you will need to move a little, leaving the zone marked earlier, so as not to explode. After that, we remain standing still, as the next cast will start, and a bomb will appear in the center. When it detonates, we leave the zone of destruction of the beam, but we are not in a hurry to run away, there will be another one in the same place. At this point, the boss has already finished his attack and you can, without fear, leave the bomb’s affected area. This ends the first phase.

Now small robots that will shoot rockets at you along the edges. You need to run next to the boss so that the projectiles hit him. To facilitate the passage, we use a little trick. At the moment the boss disappears, we press the cape. Little robots will forget about you and start firing at the main one right away. It remains only to dodge the attacks of the boss. His arsenal includes firing rockets that light up circles on the ground, and a flamethrower that he casts in front of him, setting fire to dark puddles throughout the room. Also, bombs will appear from time to time around the edges and in the center. Be careful.

25th floor

An evil wolf is waiting for you here. Invulnerable mobs will stand along the edges, sending a poisonous rain, which periodically damages and slows down. Some time after the start of the battle, worms will come out, turning off the light with their attacks. We run around the boss, trying not to lose sight of him, dealing damage and dodging attacks. I would like to note the most dangerous of them, try not to fall under it. The wolf will disappear and in about a second will catch you from behind. And then it starts to crumble, tearing off a decent piece from HP. To simplify the passage, after turning off the light, you can use a scarecrow, which will win some time. If it’s really hard, we put runes from darkness to 100%, they will greatly simplify the killing of the boss.

26th floor

First, there will be a bunch of mobs. We kill. Next, the boss will appear. Attacks slowly, but very painfully. We run around him, dealing damage and dodging attacks. Nothing complicated.

27th floor

Again heaps of mobs and then the boss. Some time after it spawns, mobs will also spawn around the edges of the room. It’s useless to beat them. They will launch slow-moving projectiles at you that deal little damage. Boss attacks are also not very strong. Of the problematic ones, I would single out a puddle that he will throw from time to time. She deals good damage and hangs a slowdown, try to avoid her. It is better to kill the boss quickly, as he will soon begin to call on his assistants. They have one very strong attack. The knight sticks his sword into the floor and casts 3 hits with a short interval at the place where you were, so at this moment it is better not to stand still. Together with the puddle slow debuff, they can cause a lot of problems, be careful.

28th floor

You need to kill the fat mob. Attacks are slow, but strong and controlled. After some time after the start of the battle, 4 invulnerable mobs will begin to appear one by one. They will throw projectiles at you, the areas of which are highlighted on the floor. Try to avoid them, as they knock over and deal good damage. There are no mechanics here. To simplify, you can put a scarecrow in the center. This will distract most of the mobs.

29th floor

Elite mob. Attacks are slow but powerful. I would like to note one extremely dangerous one, when he sticks his sword into the ground and an AOE zone appears in the form of a far circle. At this point, 3 puddles will start to appear below you at short intervals, dealing high damage when they appear. Try not to stand still during this attack. Some time after the start of the battle, invulnerable knights will begin to appear around the edges of the room, who will try to make a cake out of you. They will jump in waves with a short pause. First one, then two, and so on up to five. Then at 1:45 the rain of knights will intensify and you will need to run around a bit. Next, you will have time to sell the boss. Then at 1:15 the knights will reappear and fall on you in waves of 6 with a short pause. Dodge when they fall and damage during pauses. In general, not a difficult floor, but you have to run.

30th floor

Mobile boss with fairly sharp attacks. Every 15 seconds, starting at 4:45 am, invulnerable mobs will spawn around the edges of the room. First 2, then 4, and so on. They will simultaneously dash in the direction of where you were at the time of the cast. Also in this room, do not give your way out of the rollover on the gap thoughtlessly, since being lying on the ground without a somersault at the moment the mobs appear is tantamount to death. To easily dodge mob attacks, watch the timer, and when they should appear, move a little closer to the center, then run back to the wall during the dash cast. In my opinion, this is the most effective option, although not 100%, since there is always a boss who can throw something at you. To minimize the risk, try to run in the opposite direction from him. On 3: 00 after the first wave, the second will appear. The number of mobs in it will grow similarly to the first. You can dodge according to the same principle, just do not forget that there will be 2 waves. You need to kill the boss as quickly as possible, because the longer you hit, the more difficult it will be, so do not spare the cost of damage.

31st floor

Just mobs that will constantly appear. We run in a circle, collecting them in a pack and throwing skills. The main thing is not to be substituted, as the crowd they gnaw extremely quickly.

32nd floor

Three fat slugs. The attacks are quite slow, so there shouldn’t be any problems with them. How many of them to beat at the same time, you decide. But keep in mind, if there is little damage, then there simply won’t be enough timer to kill one at a time. In my opinion, it is best to hit everyone at once, running around, dodging attacks along the way. To simplify the passage, you can use a scarecrow and damage consumables.

33rd floor

First kill the egg in the center. Then the boss will appear. The attacks are quite sharp, and deal good damage, while imposing a disease debuff that will periodically damage you. Also, caterpillars will constantly appear throughout the room, attacking from close range and spitting from afar, often making it difficult to move normally. We run around the boss, dodging attacks, throwing skills along the way. If it’s hard, you can use a scarecrow and a damage consumable.

34th floor

Bombs are waiting for you here. To pass, you need a scarecrow and a cape. First, there will be an explosion along the edges of the room, so we become in the center. Further undermining in the center, we run back. Then 4 bombs will appear on the right and after a short gap 4 on the left. We blow it up as quickly as possible. Large bombs will follow from the left, right, top and bottom. Now a small wave of small bombs with a cone of destruction in front of them. Undermine carefully. Then we stand in the center, there will be another wave of cone bombs, but the explosion zone will be behind. Next are two large cone bombs in the center. Well, now you have to run a little. There will be a lot of cone bombs, both small and large. We run around in a circle, running around the explosion zones. At 0:59 we put a scarecrow, preferably away from the center and go into invisibility, while running back to the opposite end of the room. After the end of the inspection, the floor will be passed.

35th floor

Two mobile bosses with fairly sharp attacks. Every 10 seconds, starting at 4:45 am, invulnerable mobs will spawn around the edges of the room. First 2, then 4, and so on. For convenience, we will divide the room into left and right halves, and also number the mobs in each of them. They will attack in pairs. First the first, then the second, and so on. Enemies on the left side of the room perform a dash with a trip, enemies on the right launch a flying hand that slows and deals damage. To easily dodge their attacks, look at the timer. At the time when they should appear, shift by about 4-5 or 10-11 hours. Then during the first cast, run clockwise.

After 3:55 there will be a short pause from the mobs. At 3:25, mob events will continue, and the interval between appearances will be 20 seconds. There will also be changes in the sequence of their attacks. The mobs on the left half will attack at the same time, and the mobs on the right will do the same as before. With each subsequent appearance, the parties will change roles. In other words, at 3:25 the left side attacks at the same time, at 3:05 the right side attacks, at 2:45 the left side again, and so on. And when killing one of the bosses, half of the mobs will also disappear. Scarecrows and hammers are not as effective here, as the bosses are constantly moving.

36th floor

4 alarms and a bunch of evil archers. Signals will slowly fly around the room, and if at least one of them is damaged, the whole crowd of mobs will make a sieve out of you in a matter of seconds. Slowly, we begin to clean out the archers, leaving the alarms in the end. Try not to aggro too much, as the arrows hit very painfully. To simplify the passage, you can take damage grenades with you. You can also use a scarecrow when there are fewer mobs, and in 30 seconds you will have time to kill everyone, you just need to put it a little on the edge and not stand in the line of mobs with a scarecrow, because in this case some arrows will still fly into you.

37th floor

Lots of mobs. We break the wall, and proceed to clean them up. From time to time, robots from the back rows will launch projectiles at you, the areas of which are highlighted on the floor, try not to fall under them. After killing all the mobs, a new wave will appear. Beware of cars that will ride, blowing fire, as they damage very painfully. Slowly we destroy enemies, not being substituted under the carts.

38th floor

2 bosses, white and dark wolves. Of the attacks, I will single out the two most dangerous. Let’s start with the dark. Sometimes he will disappear and after a while, he may appear, catch you or perform a quick combo of strikes from invis. During his disappearance, try not to stand still. The white wolf will sometimes turn into a whirlwind, dealing a lot of damage. You can’t move far from it, as there will be an area, trying to cross which you will also receive damage. During this attack, the wolf continues to take damage from your hits. If there are difficulties, you can use the scarecrow and damage consumables.

39th floor

Here you will find a new type of bombs with a long rectangular explosion zone. To pass, you will need a scarecrow and a cape. We start from the center. After waiting a bit, we move to the wall for about 6 hours. At this point, a large circular bomb should appear in the same place or in the center. We undermine it. Next, there will be many bombs with a rectangular and conical detonation zone, as well as almost immediately after the big one, a small one with a circular zone. We run in a circle, dodging explosions. At 1:55 we take a position at about 11 o’clock. A bunch of bombs with a rectangular zone will appear, we begin to slowly run towards four o’clock, the main thing is not to rush too much so that you are not squeezed against the wall later. At four o’clock we wait for a new wave of bombs and run back towards 11. We repeat these runs a few more times. Then, when the timer is 1:21, a new wave will appear, but there will be few bombs, therefore, we run out of the affected area as quickly as possible in order to have time to put up a scarecrow at 1:18 and go to inivz, while running away from the explosions. After the end of the inspection, the floor will be passed.

40th floor

Here you will find a boss with fairly sharp attacks that inflict a disease debuff that periodically deals damage. Sometime after the start of the battle, mobs will begin to appear alternately along the edges of the room, each of which will impose one positive effect on the leader. The boss needs to be killed as quickly as possible, because the longer you hit, the stronger he becomes.

41st floor

In the center there will be a boss who periodically uses a certain attack, which depends on the phase, and on the edges of the mobs that cast AOE. The floor will consist of 3 phases.

On the first one, the boss will cut 3 beams – 1 in front and 2 on the sides. They will move clockwise. The zone in the center will remain safe, so we stand between the beams and, without going far, we dance, injecting damage along the way.

In the second phase, the boss will cast a large circular AOE. In the area from 07:00 to 13:00, mobs will always attack sequentially one after another counterclockwise. In other words, the mob will first start casting at 7 o’clock, then at 6, then at 4, and so on. Therefore, try to stick to the right side of the room, along the way looking for a chain of attacks of mobs, so that if necessary, run away from the AOE boss without taking damage.

In the third phase, there will be many round-robin attacks that inflict fear. We run in the center so as not to get hit by mobs, dodging circles and pouring damage during pauses. In phases 2 and 3, skills that interrupt casts are effective, such as the Guardian’s victory cry. Also, in phase 3, when the boss appears, you can put a scarecrow, it will bring down the first attack and, in general, make life a little easier.

42nd floor

Another game of sapper. Starting position at 6 o’clock. At first, mobs will start to spawn, making dashes in your direction, which inflict a fear debuff. We run counterclockwise along the room by 12 o’clock without falling under their attacks. By 2:43 we take a position at 12 o’clock and when a dash cast appears, we run at 6 o’clock.

Then we move towards 3 hours, a mob will appear there. We become close, there will be several circular attacks. At a certain moment, we run back a little so as not to fall under them, then we return to the original one.

At 2:18, the next series of attacks will start. We wait until the mob in the center finishes casting and move a little towards it. Then we run for 5 hours and wait for the mob to appear and cast its AOE, after that we go upstairs to the new mob. Another series of attacks will start, here you will need to first move to the center, and then down a little.

Then there will be several simultaneous jerks, we run first down to the wall, and then towards 4 o’clock. At about 1:45 we put a scarecrow there and go into invisibility, running back to 12 o’clock.

At 1:20 we move to the left side of the room, just above 9 o’clock between the center and the wall. After the end of the invisibility and the activation of rectangular bombs, we run to the wall, and then, dodging jerks, along the room in a clockwise direction.

Then it remains just to rush in a circle, avoiding explosions of cone bombs. To facilitate the passage, you can use the engraving Cheating death – it will give you a second life if something suddenly goes wrong.

43rd floor

There are 2 gorillas waiting for you here. Pay attention to the right one. Her dashes won’t be highlighted, her roars will deal damage, her jumps will drop rocks, and she’ll still have her breath in front of her, so be careful. It is better to focus your damage in the first place on it. At 5:29 the lights will go out and you will have to navigate by touch, so try to kill at least one of the bosses before dark. Scarecrows and hammers are not as effective here, as enemies can simply run away with a jerk.

44th floor

In the center stands the boss, occasionally charging one to three attacks with little preparation. Wolves will appear at the edges of the room with a certain frequency, which will carry out a series of three knockback blows. The interval between series of attacks is 15 seconds – the first one will be at 4:41. At 3:26 after the first batch of mobs, the second one will appear immediately. After 3:06 there will be a pause of 25 seconds, then everything will return to the usual 15. Try to completely knock down the boss’s exhaustion scale at the time the attack of the wolves begins, so that it is easier to dodge.

45th floor

There are 2 local Gul’dans waiting for you here. Of the attacks, you should be wary of a lot of circular AOE that impose fear. Bosses will spawn in different parts of the room, so they need to be brought down first. To do this, we press against the wall near one of them and wait for the second one to come up. In case he is stuck in the center and refuses to go, we run off in the opposite direction so that the first one comes up. As soon as the bosses stand together, we begin to pour in the main damage.

When the HP of enemies drops below 2.5 bars, a couple of new moves will appear in their arsenal. The first is the call of two assistants. And the second is a cast of many damaging cracks that can cause problems. Therefore, hold the scarecrow and the damage consumable for a while, so that later you can quickly remove the problematic HP area.

46th floor

There are 3 bosses waiting for you here. We begin to hit the one at 12 o’clock, the rest will catch up in a few seconds. There are no other features here, so we just damage the bosses, dodging their attacks.

47th floor

Another three bosses, but each subsequent one will appear only after killing the previous one. The ice gorilla will come out first. The second ice warrior. His attacks inflict a chill debuff, after 10 stacks of which a freeze follows. The boss will also sometimes stick an ax into the ground, leaving a small puddle that inflicts a chill debuff. Also, puddles will sometimes be left by lumps falling from above. The third enemy will be a spider. Some of her attacks inflict a cold debuff at 5 stacks that will freeze you. Try not to stand in front of her face and avoid the icy track after your run. Still sometimes groups of spiders will come out. Small ones are invulnerable to attacks, but if you kill a large one near them, they will also die.

Approximately every minute from the moment the spider appears, copies of it will begin to appear alternately around the edges – the first on the left, the second on the right, then another one on the left, and so on. They will throw ice arrows at you and drop blocks from above, all of which impose stacks of cold. The boss needs to be killed as quickly as possible, because the longer you hit, the harder it will be. The damage cost will help you with this. You can also put a scarecrow near the wall at the beginning, it will give you some time to calmly deal damage from the back.

48th floor

Here you will find a boss with survival floor elements. Of the attacks, I will single out the 2 most dangerous. It collects energy for a while, and then hits the floor, dropping a ball in the place where you are standing, causing quite a lot of damage. Sometimes after the first blow, another one can immediately follow. During this reception, it is better not to stand still. The second attack – the boss quickly hits the ground in front of him, releasing several balls that deal quite a lot of damage.

The main difficulty of this floor is the ghosts that will appear in the room and shoot with their circular AOE. First of all, we kill the mobs in the center without falling under their attacks, then we proceed to destroy the boss. Until 8:56, the area in the center will be safe from ghosts, you will only need to move a little sometimes. At 8:56 we run back to the left or right side of the room, and at 8:40 to the top or bottom. The following groups will appear throughout the rest of the time, you need to remember them. The first group with a safe zone to the right of the center, the second with a safe zone to the left, to escape from the third, we run back to the lower left side of the room. A ghost will appear there at about 8 o’clock. We approach him and after the attack we run back to the ghost, which appeared to the right. Then we wait until everything calms down a bit, and we run to the center.

Well, the timings of the appearance of ghosts and mobs themselves. Every minute, starting at 8:11, the second group will appear, starting at 7:56 – the third, and the first will also occasionally occur.

  • The first is a safe zone to the right of center
  • The second is a safe zone left of center
  • Third – run to the lower left side of the map
  • 08:26 – First
  • 08:11 – Second
  • 07:56 – Third (after mobs)
  • 07:11 – Second
  • 07:05 – First + mobs
  • 06:56 – Third (after mobs)
  • 06:11 – Second (after her mobs)
  • 05:56 – Third (after mobs)
  • 05:11 – Second (after her mobs)
  • 04:56 – Third (after her mobs)
  • 04:26 – First
  • 04:11 – Second (after her mobs)
  • 03:56 – Third (after her mobs)
  • 03:11 – Second
  • 03:05 – First + mobs
  • 02:56 – Third (after mobs)
  • 02:11 – Second (after her mobs)
  • 01:56 – Third (after mobs)
  • 01:11 – Second (after her mobs)
  • 00:56 – Third (after mobs)
  • 00:26 – First
  • 00:11 – Second (after mobs)

And one last thing. Ghost attacks can be countered by skills that interrupt casts, such as the Guardian’s Victory Cry.

49th floor

Here you will find a boss who has a number of AOE attacks in his arsenal: a cone in front of him, cones to the left and right at the same time. For the next two, you need to remember the position of the hands when casting, as it will come in handy in the fog phase. The outer circle of the arms together and the inner circle of the arms at the sides. There is also a beam, but the boss uses it only in the last phase and when moving to the second. The attacks will go in series of several in a row, and there will be a short pause between the series.

Some time after the start of the battle, golems will appear at the edges of the room. They will push you away with their strikes, making it difficult to dodge the inner circle. In order not to fall under the boss’s skill, while not getting from the mobs, slightly going beyond the border of the circle, we run along it without stopping until the cast ends.

Let’s take a look at the boss phases.

At the first series of his attacks will consist of three tricks. When the HP of the fourth bar drops to about 75%, he will go to the second phase by casting the beam. The number of attacks in a series will increase to 5.

Approximately 60% of the third strip will transition to the third phase, and the room will be enveloped in fog. The number of attacks in a series will decrease to 4. At this stage, the boss will only use circular AoEs. In this case, you will need to navigate by the position of the hands, which I spoke about earlier.

When the HP of the second bar drops to about 25%, the light will be turned off for you, and the boss, having cast 4 beams, will move on to the fourth phase. Now beams will be added to circular attacks, and the light will be constantly turned off before a series of blows. Dodging in such a situation will be very difficult. Therefore, I recommend leaving the damage expense for the last and before the start of the last phase, sell the boss as much as possible.

50th floor

Here you will find a difficult boss with a huge supply of HP and very strong attacks. He has several phases in which the techniques he uses are added or changed, as well as some additional complications.

1 phase. Let’s start the analysis of skills with two circular attacks. It is worth paying attention to the color of the sword while casting, it can help in the fog phase. The first attack with a safe zone near the boss, the sword glows white during the cast. The second with a safe zone far from the boss, here the sword has a yellow glow.

In addition, he also has a jump with a circular AOE and a dash in his arsenal, which can be used both once and in a series of several in a row, so be careful.

And the last move of the first phase will be the usual circular attack with a safe zone behind. In the phase with fog, the safe area will not be visible, where you can take the point of the sword as a guide.

2 phase. When the boss has 4 HP bars left, he will cast a fear shout. Try to catch him with a dash or other immune skill. The animation of this technique is worth remembering, since from now on the boss will use it approximately every 70-80 seconds. And keep in mind that when you move to a new phase, the timer is reset. In addition to the scream, a couple of new tricks will appear in the arsenal. The first is a very strong sword strike from above, and the second is a beam attack in front of you.

3 phase. When the boss has 3 HP bars left, he will jump to the center and outline the border around the edges of the room, try not to go behind it, as it pushes back and deals damage. Also, starting from this phase, the boss will use a very dangerous series of moves. Double sword strikes from above, leaving behind rifts that slow and deal damage. Then 4 pulls will follow. And the last in the series will be a supported beam, falling under which you will most likely die. Well, in addition to this combo, the list of techniques used will be replenished with a screed.

4 phase. When the boss has about 1.5 HP bars left, he will jump to the center, and then, casting a shout, will envelop the room in fog. The channeled beam can now be used at any time, and not only as part of a combo, as it was before. On the last HP bar, a new series of tricks will be added. The boss jumps to the center and performs 4 sword strikes, followed by a scream, then a circular AoE, and finally two beams. The first is supported, and the second is one-time.

This concludes the debriefing.

Of the engravings, I recommend putting “heavy armor” or “blurry silhouette”. The first will reduce the damage received, and the second will avoid it altogether, but it requires a clear reaction and knowledge of timings. Of the consumables, you should pay attention to the “reactive sabatons”, at a critical moment they can help you dodge the blow. “Molotov” is not so effective here, since the boss is constantly moving, and the “scarecrow” is completely useless.

I enjoy playing games, and gaming is a passion of mine. Among my favorite games are Tears of the Kingdom, GTA, and Cyberpunk.

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