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Lost Ark: Tier 3 Island Route



Lost Ark: Tier 3 Island Route

Tier level occurs in Lost Ark as you progress through the game. In this guide, we will tell you how to reach Tier 3 Level items through Island Route. But first, you need to do Complete Tier 1 and Tier 2.


  • In Leonhart meets Neria NPC and completes the ‘’What’s in a Name’’ Quest.
  • Meet Basilock NPC in Arthentine and complete the ‘’Mercenary Registration’’ Quest. And follow up the chain by doing ‘’Tracing Smuggled Goods’’ and ‘’Collecting Smuggled Goods’’ Quests.
  • Unlock the Awakening Quests Before that
  • Unlock your Chaos Dungeons & Guardian Raid
  • Reach skill level 50
  • At least do 2 Chaos Dungeons before you log off
  • Make sure to complete your Tier 1 & Tier 2 Island Route

Island Route

  • Seagull Island- To complete the quest you have to go to the dream girl Island by sailing. This is a simple quest you have to explore the island.
  • White Wave Island- This is a snowy area. Meet NPC Zarina and complete the quest. This is a simple quest to do.
  • Star Song Lighthouse Island- You can find this island in Preche. Reach there and meet with the girl NPC to start the quest.
  • Panda Pupu Island- This Island is located northeast of Lighthouse Island. At meet the NPC named as [Pandang Caches] and complete the quest collect materials from three places at the island after completing the quest reach to the pandas to collect the quest [The Path to the heart of the Panda].
  • Cruise Ship ‘’Paradise Waves’’- This Island is located southwest of Panda Island. And complete the [Paradise Cab] quest. Also, start the Galatia Island questline for a quest called [Iceberg Inquiry] from NPC called Mafias.
  • Tortoise Island- After visiting Paradise Wave Island you have Island quests and daily quests. Step into the area and complete the first part of the daily quests and pick up the purple line quests. This Island is in the southeast of the Preche.
  • Toto Silver Island- Talk to the [Elder Toto] NPC and complete the quest [Old Stones] this quest will find right next to Elder Toto NPC after that Go to the Avenue Club Island and complete the quest and that’s done for your daily quests.
  • Serene Island- This Island is located to the south of Tortoyk Island. Complete the questline and receive your skill point portions.
  • Once you finished here return to Vern Castle press f2 and teleport back. Go to the Equipment Polish Point and upgrade your gear. After you upgrade your material teleport out to the harbor and repair your ship
  • Tower of Darkness Island- This Island is up north of Vern Castle. Complete the questline there. Kill the wolf boss there and receive your reward.
  • Area X-301- This is a secret factory area. Which is located in [Sceptrum Ocean] near to the [Arthentine Region]. Meet with the Ronika NPC there and complete the questline and receive the rewards.

This is part of Tier 1 Run. You can follow the next part for the Tier 3 Run.

For you to reach Tier 3 you need to complete Tier 1 and Tier 2. As shown above. Most of them are of tier 1 one because tier 2 didn’t have many islands. Complete all the questline there. Make sure to complete the yellow questline and purple questline because they give you a lot of upgrade material.

  • Fomona Island- Sail to Luterra and complete the fomona questline if the NPC is of the Opposite gender you will get extra rewards.
  • Alwana Island- Complete the Questline there. And following the questline complete the Liebheim Questline.
  • Revelry Row Island- Complete all the quests and head toward Distorted Island. This is a chain of the quests that you pick up in the Pedo.
  • Distorted Island- On this island finish the questline here. But you need a ticket to finish the island. In case you don’t have a ticket you can do this part later.
  • Twilight Island- Finish the questline here. These quests will finish in Luterra.
  • Hypnos Island- You need to reach you need to go to Gravis Island first. Complete the questline and secret questline here which you can find [Calacus Home].
  • The Final Destination- Go to Elzowin Island. This is the final place of the quests. This place is full of daily quests and hidden quests which will take a lot of time to complete and give you a lot of rewards and materials. Things you need to complete the quests on this island.
    • Song of spring
    • Heavenly Harmony

After doing these Island quests you have a lot of materials and you will reach at least item levels 1000 and 1100. Just complete your daily dungeons if you don’t have any dungeons complete the fate before the next reset of the dungeons.

Ways of getting more Materials

Anguished Island- Meet the NPC Named as [Danyu] and complete the [May they Find Peace] Quest and complete your daily quests

After starting daily quests start accumulating keys that will allow you to enter the Dungeons on the Island in Tier 3. By doing the dungeons it will give you the currency that will allow you to buy tier 3 materials engraving, legendary engravings, gems, and a legendary overwhelm Runes

Ways of getting more Materials

Each dungeon runs only consume one key and you can get one key per day. Make sure to do Chaos Gate Bosses and field Bosses. You can beat these bosses by creating your team of players. This will give you multiple materials, rewards, and treasures maps.

Merchants are also the way materials

  • Weekly Merchants- you can buy out each material from them once per week.
  • The first weekly merchant you should buy out is at the dock and it is the merchant ship. You can go to honing materials and snag up all the materials
  • Bloodstone Vendor- You need to build your guild. The higher level your guild is the more materials you can purchase from here. You can also buy materials from the chaos dungeons vendor
  • Chaos Dungeons Vendor- You can also buy materials from the chaos dungeons vendor after getting the currency getting from your two runs per day.
  • You can also get materials from making sure you run the Yarn fate and Story dungeons on hard mode.

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