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MultiVersus: How To Earn Gold



MultiVersus: How To Earn Gold

In Multiverse, most of the players will prioritize unlocking characters first in the game to try out all of them in a match. To unlock the characters, you’ll need gold. There are 11 characters that you can currently unlock in the game so, in order to buy all of the 11 characters, you should have 22,000 gold.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Earn Gold in MultiVersus.

How to Earn Gold

Gold is the main free currency of the game that will players earn by winning a match or leveling up. Gold is used to unlock the characters of the game. Although, you can also unlock the characters instantly by buying them with Gleamium. Gleamium is a currency in the game that you buy with real money. But you don’t have to spend the money on the currency as you can get all the characters for free. There are several methods to earn gold and they are the following.

Win the First Game of the Day

You’ll earn gold by playing matches but you can also get an additional 200 gold from winning your first game of the day. You can play in any multiplayer mode and just try to win any game in a day to get additional gold.

Completing the Missions

Once you start playing the game, it will show you some apprentice missions that can get you more than 1000 gold in just a few minutes. These missions are very simple and you can even complete them with the bots. You can see these missions on the main menu screen as well as in the lobby. After completing these missions, you’ll also unlock Daily and Weekly missions. By doing these time-duration missions, you’ll also earn gold.

Play with Friends

Playing with Friends will grant you a huge bonus in earning the gold after the match. MultiVersus gives a 30% gold bonus in whatever the results of your match. You just have to send your friends an invite or join their lobby to play a match and at the result screen of the match, you’ll get more gold than playing solo.

Increase Account Level

You can also earn gold by reaching a new level of your account. The account level increases with the EXP you earned by playing matches or completing missions. To earn more gold, try to play with your friends and win games as many as you can to get the gold benefit by playing with a friend and as you level up your account, you’ll gain more gold.

Complete Battle Pass Tiers

Battle Pass gives various rewards to the players by completing a tier. Even the free Battle Pass gives various items. You can get up to 500 gold from the Battle Pass. You’ll get 100 gold after every few tiers and you’ll get 500 gold from the free Battle Pass. To complete the tiers quickly, you’ll have to complete the Daily & Weekly missions of the Battle Pass.

Unlock Levels of characters

Unlocking new levels of characters will also grant you more gold. The higher levels of the characters are more advanced and winning a match from the opponents will grant you extra gold.

Give Toast

Giving toasts to the people who participated in the match will get additional gold from the toast. There are many chances that when you send Toast to other players, they will also Toast you back and you’ll earn more gold.

By doing each of these things, you’ll earn gold more rapidly and you’ll be able to unlock characters more quickly.

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