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MultiVersus: Toast Guide



MultiVersus: Toast Guide

MultiVersus is a free Platform Fighting game with a lot of characters from around different entertainment worlds. There are a lot of cosmetics and emotes that you can buy in this game with gold or gleamium. But you’ll also see a currency name Toast in the game. As Toast doesn’t use to buy things from the store or anything so what exactly what its use?

In this guide, we’ll tell you what is Toast and what it does, and how to get it.

What is Toast and What it does?

Toast is like a third currency in MultiVersus but it doesn’t use to buy cosmetics or emotes or characters in the game. It is used to “Toast” your opponents or allies at the end of the match on the result screen. If you Toast your allies and opponents, it means you are appreciating them for the match and that they played well. By doing this, you can also get a Toast from them.

When you are at the result screen of the match, wait for the players to decline the rematch. When someone declined, you’ll be able to give the Toast to all the players in the match even your allies. You’ll see the “Give Toast” block on the top of the player banner. Just click on the block to give the Toast to that player. The players who you give Toasts will also get 25 Gold as well. So, it is a really nice way to appreciate your allies or your enemies for playing a match with you. You can also get the Toast from the other players as well when the match ends so, it is a nice deed that you can do at the result screen of the match and maybe someone will return the favor.

How to Get Toasts

The Toasts are not very to get as they can be a bit expensive to buy with Gold. Gold is not very easy to gain because you’ll have to play and win a lot of matches to get it. You can buy Toasts with Gold by clicking on the top right corner with a Toast icon. You can buy x10 Toasts for 350 Gold.

There are also a couple of ways to get more Toast without spending Gold.

  • Battle Pass Rewards
    • Toasts can be gained as a reward from the Battle Pass tiers when you complete them. You can also get Toasts from the free Battle Pass. To complete tiers quickly, complete the daily missions and the battle pass missions.
  • Level up Characters to Level 3
    • Characters have their own leveling system that you can level up just by playing them. Characters can be leveled up as you gain more XP. On reaching level 5 of a character, you’ll get 5 Toasts. If you level up with 10 characters, you can easily get 50 Toasts for free. To reach level 5 with a character, you need to play and win 3 matches. This is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to gain Toasts in the early game.

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