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Nightingale: How to Get a Simple Workbench



Nightingale - Simple Workbench

Nightingale offers several crafting recipes that are essential for survival. Players will get to craft these essential items either at the base or while exploring which will help them pursue the journey. One of the most essential crafting items that players will be able to get is the Simple Workbench which can be used for crafting other essential items like tools or décor items for the base.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get a Simple Workbench in Nightingale.

How to Get a Simple Workbench in Nightingale

The Simple Workbench can be built once players have completed the tutorial of the game and they have allowed themselves a safe area in the first realm, the Abeyance Forest realm by making an Estate Cairn. Upon building an Estate Cairn, more survival recipes will unlock from which one of them will be Simple Workbench. Players can find its recipe inside the ‘Crafting: Basics & Repair’ section in the Guidebook.

However, before players get to craft the Simple Workbench, they will first have to get its required resources which are the following.

  • 10x Wood Bundle
  • 4x Plant Fibre

Wood Bundle is the wood logs that are gathered by cutting down the trees. To cut the trees, players should at least have a Makeshift Wood Axe equipped. The Makeshift Wood Axe can be crafted easily from the crafting tab in the guidebook and upon getting the axe, equip the axe from the quick inventory by pressing the respective key. Press the LMB while standing next to a tree to chop down the trees. As the tree drops down to the ground, it will scatter into several bundles which you will be able to collect.

Upon gathering the required resources, open the Guidebook by pressing the B key and then select the Simple Workbench structure under the crafting section. Select the ‘Place’ option to start placing the raw structure of the Simple Workbench on the ground. Place the Simple Workbench by pressing the LMB and then add the required resources to it by pressing the E key to complete building the Simple Workbench.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the Simple Workbench also has certain traits like Grit and Exposed which affects the crafting recipes on the workbench. You can avoid these negative traits by building the workbench on the foundation and within the shelter as well as near a campfire.

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