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Nightingale: How to Repair Items



Nightingale - Repair items

The fantasy world of Nightingale is filled with several resources that players will get to obtain using various tools. Using these resources will lower their durability upon usage and it is best to repair them before they get broken. The durability system in Nightingale is very similar to other survival games out there and the players who are familiar with the survival games will find the repairing system of Nightingale very easy.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to repair the items in Nightingale.

How to repair Items in Nightingale

Unlike other survival games where you would have to craft a repair bench or a certain item to repair the items, Nightingale allows its players to repair the damaged tools and items directly from the inventory. Open the inventory by pressing the TAB key and then you will be able to repair the items either by selecting the ‘Repair All’ or pressing the RMB on the item and selecting the ‘Repair’ option.

Repairing each item will cost a certain amount of Essence Dust (primary currency and a resource) that can be obtained by almost extracting every item, tool, and resource in the game. If your item is severely damaged or broken, the Essence Dust cost will be higher so, it is best to repair the items whenever their durability is about in the middle.

Keep in mind that you should have the required amount of Essence Dust at your disposal to repair the tools and the best way to get it is by extracting the items. To extract the items from your inventory, press the RMB while hovering over an item and select the ‘Extract’ option. You will be granted a certain number of Essence Dust in return which you will be able to use to repair the damaged items and even upgrade the items. 

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