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Nightingale: How to Build a Bedroll



Nightingale - Bedroll

There are several survival aspects of your character in Nightingale that you must take care of and notice as you progress through the journey. One of the crucial aspects of survival is Rest, the blue bar under your character’s health bar. It determines how well your character is rested and as you pursue your daily journey in the fantasy realms, the rest meter will gradually decrease which will eventually make your character succumb if not restored. One of the best ways to restore the rest is to sleep on the bedroll.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to build a bedroll in Nightingale.

How to Build a Bedroll in Nightingale

The Bedroll can be built anywhere in the world by using the Guidebook but there are certain buffs that Bedroll provides to the character’s Stamina and HP restoration if built around certain surroundings. Most of these surroundings can be obtained by building a shelter and one of the easiest shelters to build is a Stick Tent.

The Stick Tent can be built by opening the Guidebook by pressing the B button and then selecting the Stick Tent blueprint under the Survival section. Place the raw structure of the Stick Tent on the ground and then add the required resources to it by interacting with it to build it. It only requires 12x Sticks and 6x Plant Fibre which are found almost everywhere.

Once you have placed the Stick Tent, now build the Bedroll inside the tent to gain Comfort and Sheltered buffs. You can build the bedroll by opening the Guidebook and selecting the Bedroll blueprint under the Resting section. It will cost 6x Sticks and 6x Plant Fibre to complete the building of the Bedroll. After placing and building the bedroll, you will be able to short rest (any time of the day) or long rest (at night) to replenish the stamina and health of your character with possible buffs.

If you want to get the third buff called Grit, you would have to first build a foundation and then place the bedroll on top of it.

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