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Nightingale: How to Get Stone Block



Nightingale - Stone Block

There are several resources in Nightingale that are essential for progressing in the main journey and one of the required ones is Stone Block. Stone Block is used to make the Estate Cairn which marks the safe area for your character in the realm and allows you to respawn at it whenever your character succumbs.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get a stone block in Nightingale.

How to Get Stone Block in Nightingale

The Stone Block is harvested from the medium sandstone puddles found around in various Realms. One of the earliest Realms in which you will be able to find the Stone Block is Abeyance Forest Realm. Players will reach this realm at the end of the tutorial of the game and they will be able to spot the sandstone puddles almost everywhere in the realm. However, to get the Stone Block from the rock puddles, players must have a mining pick tool.

One of the earliest Mining Picks that players can make in the game is the Makeshift Mining Pick using Sticks, Rocks, and Plant Fibre. Upon crafting a mining pick, equip it from the quick inventory by pressing the respective key to equip it and then use it by pressing the LMB to break the sandstone puddles.

Breaking every sandstone puddle will grant 2-3 Stone Blocks. It is best to farm every possible sandstone puddle you find while exploring the realm as Stone Blocks are used in various crafting recipes.

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